Sharon Null - Saturday October 15, 2011
Fredericksburg, VA
I have a wonderful pix of my grandfather, John Arigoni (age 70), taken by Mr. Tague in the late 1950's. He is holding a giant fish he caught in one of Pittsfield's local lakes & wearing a vest knitted by my grandmother. Delightful pix. Thanks so much for this site of a town where my mother grew up.
richard - Sunday December 20, 2009
new braunfels, tx
These photos bring back many memories. The Eagle Eye was always a favorite part of the paper. Bill Tague was remarkable.
Nora - Saturday November 28, 2009
Boston, Ma
Bill Tague was my Grandfather who was a brilliant man.I miss him dearly and popping through these images reminds me of so many moments. I would like to see more use of the site.It seems outdated and left behind.
Christine Demick - Thursday August 13, 2009
Washington, DC
I think this is a wonderful site. It is unfortunate that are so few comments. My sister and I discovered a photo of our Dad which was heartwarming to see. Love to see photos of the inside of the library and the Wendell Hotel. Thanks.
Bob I. - Wednesday May 27, 2009
Pittsfield, MA
The photo of the formal Adams Supermarket surely bring back memories!
Bob Smith - Friday November 14, 2008
North Adams, MA
Dear Jack, the Randy Trabold pictures you reference are NOT on the Transcript site; they are on the same people who designed the Bill Tague pages.
Jack Girard - Sunday August 10, 2008
Cheshire, MA
You should take a look at how "Randy Trabold" site is set up at the North Adams Transcript. Pics here are terrific! No way to ID them or comment about them. This site is "half-baked".
Jim - Monday December 11, 2006
Galena, OH
you did a great job getting these on. Now many need some ID. Appreciate more shots of buildings and historic events that Mr. Tague took

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