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Recap for the game: Drury vs Hoosac Valley on Sep 15

Hoosac Boys Rally to Tie Drury Under the Lights

By Zach Lancia Sports
11:05PM / Thursday, September 15, 2016

ADAMS, Mass. -- Both the Drury (5-0-1) and Hoosac (1-1-1) boys soccer teams were able to come away from Thursday night’s game with a point after a 2-2 tie on Renfrew Field.
Hoosac’s Steven Crouch and Fidel Choeu contributed to the score for Hoosac. Drury’s contributors were Reece Racette and a Hoosac own goal.
It was a back-and-forth battle with both teams having multiple chances at net. Hoosac controlled the early minutes of the game and was able to get on the board early.
In the eighth minute, Hoosac forward Braidee Greene was able to draw a penalty in the box giving Hoosac a penalty kick attempt. Steven Crouch was the penalty taker and buried the attempt in the upper right corner of the net.
The game continued at a fast pace, with the ball constantly switching ends. In the 70th minute, Drury was the beneficiary of a Hoosac own goal, making the score 1-1. The third goal of the half was scored by Drury’s Reece Racette. Racette received a pass over the top of the defense and scored a breakaway goal late in the half to give his team a 2-1 lead at the break.
“The plan in practice was to pressure the Drury defense and not allow for the passes over the top,” Hoosac coach Mike Russo said. “It was a very well played high school soccer game from both teams. It was a very important game for this young team.” 
Hoosac was able to complete its game plan in the second half. The Hurricanes were able to pressure Drury enough to not allow a goal throughout the second half. The teams played even soccer for 37minutes, then in the 38th minute Hoosac’s Fidel Choeu was able to even the score with a chip over the Drury’s goaltender. This proved to be the final goal of the game resulting in a 2-2 tie. 
“It was a classic Hoosac Drury soccer game,” Drury coach John Jacobbe said. “Hoosac was able to pressure us and diffuse our game plan, Ultimately, it wasn’t a loss but we have some things that we need to work on.”
Jacobbe talked about the mentality moving forward, “I tell the team that each game is like a one day tournament that we need to win, we need to get over this one tonight and get ready for Sci-Tech.” 
Hoosac travels to Pittsfield on Monday. Drury plays Sci-Tech on Friday.
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