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2021 - 2022
Great Barrington
Combined Statistics
ALL GAMES:(17-5)(10-1) (7-4)
LEAGUE:(0-0)(0-0) (0-0)
NON LEAGUE:(17-5)(10-1) (7-4)

Apr 05 Easthampton W 12-0
Apr 11 Wahconah W 11-12
Apr 18 Mount Everett W 5-7
Apr 21 Belchertown W 1-5
Apr 23 Lenox W 2-21
Apr 25 Monson W 15-0
Apr 28 Ludlow W 15-5
Apr 29 Granby W 5-9
May 01 Mount Everett W 10-0
May 03 Wahconah W 2-1
May 05 Taconic L 0-9
May 07 Pittsfield L 8-0
May 09 Mount Greylock L 2-9
May 11 Ludlow W 20-0
May 13 Belchertown W 9-0
May 14 Lenox W 12-4
May 17 Greenfield W 2-3
May 18 Mount Greylock W 0-3
May 23 Wahconah W 1-11
May 26 Pittsfield L 1-17
Jun 06 Lowell Catholic W 16-4
Jun 08 Manchester-Essex L 10-11
Jayder Raifstanger.453532422303205
Camden Raifstanger.4106125291301121
Cole Bissaillon.37556211216093
Griffin McElroy.3758322010
Collin Parker.3333131012
Marco Buffoni.3285819201001111
Ely Cormier.3143511158094
Jack Bissaillon.3095517811060
Peter Free.2985717812043
Arthur Labrie.22236886063
Dominick Velasco.200357107053
Braxton Crandall.17423471020
Blake Smith.05020110000
Mark Bailey.0001000001
Garrett Curtin.0009020011
Owen Wade.0006010000
Shaun Frank.0006001000
Camden Raifstanger6125
Jayder Raifstanger5324
Cole Bissaillon5621
Marco Buffoni5819
Jack Bissaillon5517
Peter Free5717
Ely Cormier3511
Arthur Labrie368
Dominick Velasco357
Braxton Crandall234
Griffin McElroy83
Collin Parker31
Blake Smith201
Garrett Curtin90
Mark Bailey10
Owen Wade60
Shaun Frank60
Camden Raifstanger6129
Jayder Raifstanger5322
Marco Buffoni5820
Ely Cormier3515
Cole Bissaillon5612
Dominick Velasco3510
Jack Bissaillon558
Peter Free578
Arthur Labrie368
Braxton Crandall237
Collin Parker33
Garrett Curtin92
Griffin McElroy82
Owen Wade61
Blake Smith201
Mark Bailey10
Shaun Frank60
Jayder Raifstanger5330
Cole Bissaillon5616
Camden Raifstanger6113
Peter Free5712
Jack Bissaillon5511
Marco Buffoni5810
Ely Cormier358
Dominick Velasco357
Arthur Labrie366
Griffin McElroy82
Collin Parker31
Braxton Crandall231
Shaun Frank61
Garrett Curtin90
Mark Bailey10
Owen Wade60
Blake Smith200
Home RunsABHR
Jayder Raifstanger533
Arthur Labrie360
Marco Buffoni580
Ely Cormier350
Collin Parker30
Griffin McElroy80
Garrett Curtin90
Dominick Velasco350
Mark Bailey10
Peter Free570
Camden Raifstanger610
Braxton Crandall230
Owen Wade60
Blake Smith200
Shaun Frank60
Cole Bissaillon560
Jack Bissaillon550
Jayder Raifstanger5320
Marco Buffoni5811
Camden Raifstanger6111
Ely Cormier359
Cole Bissaillon569
Jack Bissaillon556
Arthur Labrie366
Dominick Velasco355
Peter Free574
Braxton Crandall232
Garrett Curtin91
Griffin McElroy81
Collin Parker31
Mark Bailey10
Owen Wade60
Blake Smith200
Shaun Frank60
Camden Raifstanger6121
Marco Buffoni5811
Jayder Raifstanger535
Ely Cormier354
Peter Free573
Dominick Velasco353
Arthur Labrie363
Cole Bissaillon563
Collin Parker32
Garrett Curtin91
Mark Bailey11
Blake Smith200
Shaun Frank60
Owen Wade60
Braxton Crandall230
Griffin McElroy80
Jack Bissaillon550
Arthur Labrie5-12.31191236.3319
Owen Wade5-15.14292331.33736
Collin Parker2-12.656513.21415
Jack Bissaillon1-03.84447.3106
Marco Buffoni1-14.8512710.11610
Jayder Raifstanger0-0.74519.5103
Garrett Curtin0-05.38111.302
Peter Free0-01.1711665

BATTING STATS Abbreviations
AVG - Average
AB - At Bats
H - Hits
R - Runs
RBI - Runs Batted In
HR - Home Runs
BB - Base On Balls
SB - Stolen Bases
PITCHING STATS Abbreviations
W-L - Win or Loss
ERA - Earned Run Average
R - Runs
ER - Earned Runs
IP - Innings Pitched
SO - Strike Outs
BB - Base On Balls
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