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Recap for the game: Clinton vs Wahconah on Nov 12

Wahconah Rolls into State Semi-Finals

By Brian Rhodes Sports
10:20PM / Friday, November 12, 2021

DALTON, Mass. — Wahconah Regional High School continued its playoff dominance in the second round with a 48-14 win over Clinton, marking their last home game of the season.
Wahconah started the game with a running touchdown from quarterback Ryan Scott and completed the two-point conversion, ending the first quarter with an 8-0 lead. Coach Gary Campbell Jr. said that the soft turf caused by rain earlier in the day did not impact them at all. 
"I think this is the way football was meant to be," he said. "Natural environment, whether it's snow, whether it's rain, whether it's whatever, hot heats on, you play. And I thought both teams came out with great attitudes, and I don't think either one of us thought about the weather tonight."
Wahconah continued the momentum into the second quarter, with a 63-yard touchdown in the second quarter from running back Jonah Smith. Campbell praised Smith, who finished the game with three touchdowns, and his high level of play during the game. 
"Jonah, once he breaks, he can go. I think you saw that he can break it," he said. "And you know, he's a great, great running back. He's an excellent one. And once he gets out in that open, he has the wheels to take it, so we're really proud of him. 
Wahconah gave up their first touchdown of the playoffs midway through the second quarter, bringing the score to 14-8. Despite this, the No. 1 seed finished the half off strong with a touchdown from Smith, bringing the lead to 20-8.
Wahconah was on fire in the third quarter, scoring three touchdowns, two within 30 seconds of one another after an interception from the  defense. Heading into the fourth, Wahconah had doubled its halftime score, ending at 40-8. 
Wide receiver Zander Walton was able to score another touchdown for Wahconah midway through the fourth. Despite a late touchdown from Clinton, Wahconah ended with a 34-point victory. 
"Different different, game different beast. Each week is different," Campbell said. "And next week, with Northbridge, another different beast."
Campbell said the team was able to adjust to the challenges Clinton brought. He said next week is going to be an even bigger challenge. 
"I take away from this game is that it was a tough running game that our kids adapted to well," he said. "And what we take forward is we're going to have to be balanced, on offense and defense. Northbridge is going to challenge us running the ball and throwing the ball. So they're a much more balanced team with a veteran, great coach."
Wahconah will take on Northbridge next Friday on a neutral playing field. 
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