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2015 - 2016
North Adams
Combined Statistics
ALL GAMES:(18-6)(10-1) (8-5)
LEAGUE:(0-0)(0-0) (0-0)
NON LEAGUE:(18-6)(10-1) (8-5)

Apr 01 Mount Everett W 7-2
Apr 14 Commerce L 8-3
Apr 18 Pioneer Valley Christian W 25-4
Apr 20 Smith Voc. W 13-4
Apr 22 Science and Technology W 0-8
Apr 23 Hoosac Valley L 10-11
Apr 23 Wahconah L 1-10
Apr 28 Westfield Tech L 3-4
Apr 29 Dean Tech W 15-0
May 03 Franklin Tech W 1-4
May 05 Commerce W 9-2
May 06 Franklin Tech W 10-7
May 09 Mount Everett W 0-1
May 11 Pathfinder W 1-3
May 16 Westfield Tech W 2-7
May 17 Smith Voc. W 1-2
May 19 Science and Technology W 6-1
May 23 Pioneer Valley Christian W 2-15
May 25 Pathfinder W 4-5
May 27 Dean Tech W 0-1
May 29 Old Colony L 2-9
Jun 06 Commerce W 7-5
Jun 09 Smith Academy W 2-4
Jun 13 Lenox L 2-7
Charles Bohl III.467753523181613
Austin Miller.421763221190109
Cam Anderson.31972231511024
Rob Pecor.29764191012076
Ryan Meehan.259541498073
Collin Racette.256822120150812
Mike Ferrara.254591523911816
Robert Matte III.245491294020
Eathan Heller.23517421020
Connor Guyette.224671514170133
Nick Lillie.18816352021
Mason Field.12931442020
Bradley Tatro.1119100000
Logan Tower.09111131010
Charles Bohl III7535
Austin Miller7632
Cam Anderson7223
Collin Racette8221
Rob Pecor6419
Mike Ferrara5915
Connor Guyette6715
Ryan Meehan5414
Robert Matte III4912
Mason Field314
Eathan Heller174
Nick Lillie163
Bradley Tatro91
Logan Tower111
Charles Bohl III7523
Mike Ferrara5923
Austin Miller7621
Collin Racette8220
Cam Anderson7215
Connor Guyette6714
Rob Pecor6410
Robert Matte III499
Ryan Meehan549
Nick Lillie165
Mason Field314
Logan Tower113
Eathan Heller172
Bradley Tatro90
Austin Miller7619
Charles Bohl III7518
Connor Guyette6717
Collin Racette8215
Rob Pecor6412
Cam Anderson7211
Mike Ferrara599
Ryan Meehan548
Robert Matte III494
Mason Field312
Nick Lillie162
Eathan Heller171
Logan Tower111
Bradley Tatro90
Home RunsABHR
Mike Ferrara591
Charles Bohl III751
Austin Miller760
Bradley Tatro90
Mason Field310
Cam Anderson720
Collin Racette820
Nick Lillie160
Ryan Meehan540
Rob Pecor640
Eathan Heller170
Connor Guyette670
Logan Tower110
Robert Matte III490
Mike Ferrara5918
Connor Guyette6713
Austin Miller7610
Collin Racette828
Rob Pecor647
Ryan Meehan547
Charles Bohl III756
Robert Matte III492
Eathan Heller172
Cam Anderson722
Nick Lillie162
Mason Field312
Logan Tower111
Bradley Tatro90
Mike Ferrara5916
Charles Bohl III7513
Collin Racette8212
Austin Miller769
Rob Pecor646
Cam Anderson724
Connor Guyette673
Ryan Meehan543
Nick Lillie161
Mason Field310
Bradley Tatro90
Eathan Heller170
Logan Tower110
Robert Matte III490
Austin Miller6-32.79351947.75734
Robert Matte III5-22.09251653.73322
Mike Ferrara3-01.5611627195
Mason Field2-02.807615177
Nick Lillie1-02.775410.1115
Rob Pecor0-1280.00440.102

BATTING STATS Abbreviations
AVG - Average
AB - At Bats
H - Hits
R - Runs
RBI - Runs Batted In
HR - Home Runs
BB - Base On Balls
SB - Stolen Bases
PITCHING STATS Abbreviations
W-L - Win or Loss
ERA - Earned Run Average
R - Runs
ER - Earned Runs
IP - Innings Pitched
SO - Strike Outs
BB - Base On Balls
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