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Pittsfield's Westside Neighbors Vent Following Another Violent Crime

t seems like a pretty straightforward concept: someone sees a drug house in their neighborhood, they tell the police, and officer swoop in and make a big bust. Lt. Glen Decker spent 18 years on the narcotics beats and he'll tell you that it's not that simple. In fact, he's watched known drug user after known drug user walks into a home and leaves shortly after. He knows what happened in there.

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Pittsfield Councilors Want More Details For West Side Youth Center Project

The city is set to ask the Westside Neighborhood Initiative to flesh out the details of possibly building a new youth center on the west side. The City Council's Economic and Community Development Subcommittee is recommending that a petition from Valerie Hamilton to construct the new center on Dewey Avenue be sent to the initiative. Hamilton was asking for the city to use property currently eyed for a park.

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Pittsfield Asked to Re-ignite West Side Youth Center Talks

Hamilton remembers growing up on the West Side and spending time at the former Mason hall, which was a youth center. There were dances and classes and role models for youth like her to look up to. But, that building is now demolished. And with that, she felt her community rotted out, too. Hamilton said she is now afraid to drive down her own street.

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