Letter: BArT Example of Charter School Success

BArT had the highest 10th-Grade MCAS proficiency levels of all of Berkshire County on the 2015 English, math and science tests.

Letter: Open Letter to Lanesborough Board of Selectmen

Our voices were welcome before; I leave it to the readers to ponder why they are not welcome now.

Letter: Peru Should Take Hard Look at Budget

What impact does this tax rate/tax bill have on mortgage payments for those taxpayers with a tax escrow in their mortgage?

Letter: Skatepark Should Not Be Political Football

It's a long-term project that was initiated by young people in our community who invested a lot of heart and time. I know. I was there.

Letter: White Running for At-Large Seat

I'm running for councilor at large because for the past four years I have missed representing the people of Pittsfield.

Letter: Barrett Will Pursue Opportunities

John Barrett has proven he has the ability to pursue creative and practical solutions.

Letter: Barrett Failed as Councilor

Most of his involvement was to show his defiance for every initiative brought before the council.

Letter: Vote Jacobs for School Committee

I hope that residents of North Adams will take a close look at the very important School Committee race and make sure you get Ms. Jacobs into one of the three available seats.

Letter: Elect Barrett to Lead City

For 26 years, John Barrett III was able to lead North Adams through tough times and keep our city moving forward.

Letter: Buddington Ready to Serve

It has been an honor to serve on your City Council for the past two years.

Letter: Vote Alcombright for Open Door

This is a story of a festival with a happy beginning and, unfortunately, an unhappy ending.

Letter: Barrett Offers Real Leadership

Due to misguided priorities and policies we are witnessing our beloved city atrophy, not progress.

Letter: City Has Already Seen Barrett's Vision

We do not need to look to the future to see his vision.

Letter: Voting Barrett Is in City's Best Interest

I will be casting my vote for John Barrett III and I urge you to do the same, to keep North Adams moving forward.

Letter: Bashevkin Writes in Support of Alcombright

I appreciate Mayor Alcombright's willingness to roll up his sleeves and help community members address these issues.

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