Letter: How Should I Vote On Prop 2?

This was the question I was asked by a friend because they knew I had taught in both regular and charter public schools. For those who don't know, a yes vote on Prop 2 [Question 2 on the general election ballot] will expand the charter school program in Massachusetts and a no vote will keep charters at current levels.

Letter: Ballot Question 2

There are good educational arguments for both sides of Question 2 on increasing the number of charter schools. However one claim by the proponents of this issue is misleading.

Letter: Thank You From the Gaspardi Family

The family of Bryan Gaspardi, who recently passed away, would like to extend our deepest appreciation to everyone who supported us during this difficult time with your thoughts, prayers, gifts and love. We feel truly blessed to be surrounded by so many special people.

Letter: Flavored Tobacco Products and Children

The tobacco industry has been producing these tobacco products using the same flavor chemicals found in candy and soft drink products like Life Savers, Jolly Ranchers, and Kool-Aid. Yet they are NOT harmless. The tobacco industry is using these flavors to attract youth to products that are highly addictive because they contain nicotine.

Letter: One Real Option for State Senator

Versus the actual records and proposed ideas of the other state Senate candidates, Rinaldo Del Gallo is remarkable in that his words and actions are the same, and progressive. He has put his money where his mouth is — and that's remarkable for a politician. Rinaldo Del Gallo is the only worthy candidate for state senate.

Letter: Adam Hinds Embraces The Details

This September 8, I am driving from school to cast a vote for Adam Hinds for state Senate because I know who he is, and I believe that he is uniquely qualified to represent our entire community in Boston, alongside the rest of our tireless Berkshire delegation.

Letter: Adam Hinds: Our Next Step Forward

As a North Adams city councilor, I firmly believe we need Adam Hinds for both the good days and the bad, the challenges and the opportunities. He is someone with the skills, experiences, passion, and drive to be our next step towards a bright future as a region, and he is the person I believe should be our next state senator.

Letter: Mike Bloomberg, An Active Voice for Pittsfield

We don't need clever ways to add taxes to existing citizens and businesses (like the proposed mileage tax and discussions on taxing non-profits the incumbent has been supporting). Pittsfield needs to increase revenue by growing the tax base.

Letter: Our Future Is in Good Hands

As we all grow a little bit older and maybe a little bit wiser, we often wonder "What has happened to our world?" We say things like "These kids today are lazy and spend all their time playing with that 'thing.' " Sometimes I would worry myself as to what kind of world my grandchildren would live in.

Letter: Blue Star Parents Group Forming

Berkshire County has many residents serving in the military – active, Reserves and Guard. Each military individual represents an entire family who is also sacrificing and supporting them. To help these families, Berkshire County Chapter for Blue Star Parents will hold its first gathering, Thursday, July 14, at 7 p.m. at the North Adams American Legion.

Letter: Support a Pittsfield Ban on Exotic Circus Animals

We as people wouldn't like to be subjected to the type of treatment that they have to endure just because they can't speak. These animals are children or parents of others herds and packs in some cases. These animals show love and understanding just like we do. They don't deserve to be locked away or chained up to be brought into an arena for everyone to see. Would we like that? Not at all.

Letter: Get BART Smart Thanks

BArT has a geographically diverse student body, with over 350 students in Grades 6-12 from throughout the county. Businesses from all corners of Berkshire County helped support our students through their generous sponsorships and donations.

Letter: Williamstown Elementary School Committee & Side-by-Side Program

The town deserves an explanation as to why you will not restore full-day Side by Side; again on June 8, the committee spoke around the question for about an hour, but never actually provided an explanation. We as a community need an answer.

Letter: Williamstown Planning Board & Open Meeting Law

The Planning Board's position should surprise no one. It is erroneous for the Planning Board to assume that simply because the three members of the Board were not present in the same room at the same time, thereby not achieving a quorum, that an Open Meeting Law violation did not occur.

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