Letter: City Cab Is a Good Company

I been wanting to do this for a long time. I am very good friends with Sue and Mike at City Cab. I will tell you, you can't meet better people anywhere.

Letter: Sanders Stands for Social, Economic Justice

Last Monday, I had the opportunity to hear Bernie Sanders speak at the Mullen Center at the University of Massachusetts. His analysis of what happened to the American economy in the financial crisis of 2008 is right on the money.

Letter: Why I Am Voting for Hillary Clinton on March 1

I first met Hillary Clinton in 1992 in Pittsburgh at a Bill Clinton rally during his first presidential campaign. Hillary shook my hand warmly with both of hers and thanked me for attending. For the next 24 years, I watched her campaign for senator from New York, her run for the presidency in 2008, and her service in the Obama administration as secretary of state from 2008-2012.

Letter: Commuters Need to Slow Down

This is not the Autobahn, there is a speed limit. Leave earlier so you won't have to drive like an idiot and put other drivers at risk.

Letter: Residents Should be Informed Before Mount Greylock Vote

Greetings. I have the privilege of serving on the Mount Greylock Regional School Committee. I attended the Lanesborough Board of Selectmen meeting on Monday, Jan. 25. I was heartened that the board allowed many audience members to speak, balancing the desire to hear our voices and move through a lengthy agenda. I was allowed to state my views several times, and I thank them for that courtesy and for scheduling a vote on the building project on March 15. I strongly urge members of both our towns...

Letter: Thanks to NAFD for Fire Preparation Campaign

I would like to thank the three members of the North Adams Fire Department, Lt. Goodman, firefighters Sherman and Lamarre, who in a very professional way came to my home with a member of the American Red Cross and updated my smoke alarms and added a carbon monoxide alarm.

Letter: Thanks to the Drury Basketball Team

Hopefully most of the kids learned from them to help with their basketball skills.

Letter: Councilor Breen Thanks Constitutents

I do not know what the future holds, but I did not run for re-election because I am engulfed with being a mommy right now.

Letter: BArT Example of Charter School Success

BArT had the highest 10th-Grade MCAS proficiency levels of all of Berkshire County on the 2015 English, math and science tests.

Letter: Open Letter to Lanesborough Board of Selectmen

Our voices were welcome before; I leave it to the readers to ponder why they are not welcome now.

Letter: Peru Should Take Hard Look at Budget

What impact does this tax rate/tax bill have on mortgage payments for those taxpayers with a tax escrow in their mortgage?

Letter: Skatepark Should Not Be Political Football

It's a long-term project that was initiated by young people in our community who invested a lot of heart and time. I know. I was there.

Letter: White Running for At-Large Seat

I'm running for councilor at large because for the past four years I have missed representing the people of Pittsfield.

Letter: Barrett Will Pursue Opportunities

John Barrett has proven he has the ability to pursue creative and practical solutions.

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