Letter: Senate Candidate Strongly Against Pipeline

Why do I oppose both pipelines? For starters, they transport fracked gas. Fracked gas has wreaked havoc on the environment because of all the chemicals injected into the groundwater and can ruin a water supply. Pipelines can be dangerous. In Sandisfield in 1981, they had to evacuate large parts of Sandisfield due to a leak. And they leak methane, which traps 84 more times more heat than carbon dioxide, increasing global warming. This is not to mention the disruption of the ecosystem upon...

Letter: Transparency Critical in Preschool Discussions

Seeing these two meetings unfold at the nearly the same time, (1 hour or so at the Planning Board, 45 minutes at School Committee meeting, and then back to Planning Board for another hour) I was struck by their similarities and their startling differences.

Letter: Support Puddester & Kapiloff for Planning Board

This letter is in support of Susan Puddester and Chris Kapiloff for positions on the Williamstown Planning Board. As long-time residents of Williamstown experienced in town governance, we are very concerned about the future of our community. We are confronted with a declining population, and without growth in our tax base, it will be increasingly difficult to meet the financial needs of our schools and other critical municipal operations.

Letter: Milne Friends Thankful for Book Sale Support

Eight months of planning and sorting, countless donations of quality used books and thousands of volunteer hours added up to two successful days at the Friends of Milne Public Library Used Book Sale this month.

Letter: MCLA Campus Garden Gone Without Explanation

Spring is here. Sadly, the MCLA Campus Garden, formerly located next to Smith House, is gone. In late August of 2015, the vegetables and flowers were pulled out, the native perennial shrubs and ancient flowering cherry dug up, the bird bath and stone bench memorials removed, and the entire area planted with grass seed. What was once a diverse ecosystem is now just a lawn.

Letter: Write-In Candidate for Adams-Cheshire School Committee

I would like to announce that I am a write-in candidate for a seat on the Adams-Cheshire Regional School District Committee. With all the budget cuts over the years and the possibility of school consolidation within the district, I know decisions will be difficult unless state aid increases. Otherwise the district will continue to see more decreases in funding. The loss of revenue has me concerned for the future of our children, our teachers and our communities.

Campaign Statement: Addressing the Heroin Crisis in Western Mass

Getting ahead of this epidemic requires addressing it as a major public health crisis. We need a comprehensive, community approach that links law enforcement and the medical community with mental health professionals and accessible treatment. Our communities depend on it.

Letter: Waubeeka Important to All of Williamstown

With all due respect, Waubeeka is not just a South Williamstown issue. People from all parts of town are concerned with various aspects of the way Mr. Deep's initial proposal seems to have morphed into something quite different from the initial golf course with a "3 to 5 acre boutique country inn."

Letter: 1st Amendment Audit

I've been watching a lot of YouTube videos lately about 1st Amendment audits. I see North Adams has gotten its first 1st Amendment audit performed by capitaldistrictcopblock and failed.

Letter: Golf Course Zoning Proposal Bad Planning

We on the Williamstown Planning Board heard a petition about six months ago from Mike Deep, who owns the Waubeeka golf course. The following is an account of subsequent events.

Letter: Mount Greylock School Building Project Deserves Our Support

Tomorrow, March 15, will be a day that we, as residents of Lanesborough, will look back upon and say we did the right thing for our children, our towns and our communities by voting for the Mt. Greylock Building Project.

Letter: Wahconah Hockey Penalized Unfairly

On Feb. 24, 2016, the Wahconah Regional High School hockey team faced Easthampton High School in the last regular season game for both teams. WRHS was gearing up for the Western Mass Division IIIA Tournament while EHS was preparing for next season having been eliminated from playoff contention. But the game would not end without controversy or repercussions.

Letter: Vote YES for the Children & Future of Lanesborough

As the critical vote to keep the Mount Greylock school building project alive nears on Tuesday, I feel I must join those who are speaking out publicly to support the project, in the hope that I can convince even a few more of my fellow Lanesborough citizens to vote yes.

Letter: Come Together to Support Mount Greylock

As parents of Mount Greylock students, we have seen how desperately a new building is needed and how much work it takes the staff and students to teach and learn in challenging circumstances. We have also seen the communities of Lanesborough and Williamstown come together time and again to support their students. Parents raise money for teams and fill the cheering section at many sporting events.

Letter: Vote for Mount Greylock Regional High School

Martha and I chose to come to Williamstown some 40 years ago in 1976 with three children aged 9, 7 and 2. Our decision came in large part because of the reputation of the Williamstown and Mount Greylock school systems. Here our children, and now grandchildren, have received outstanding educations that enabled them to attend colleges of their choice that they might not have otherwise.

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