Letter: Support Sarah Gardner for Williamstown Planning Board

Last fall, the Select Board and the Planning Board jointly appointed Sarah Gardner to the vacant seat on the Planning Board, electing her from among a slate of strong candidates. I voted for Gardner then without hesitation, and I will do so again on Tuesday, when she goes up against another accomplished candidate for a five-year seat on the board.

Letter: Caplinger for Williamstown School Committee

I am pleased to endorse Dan Caplinger for the Williamstown Elementary School Committee. I had the privilege of working with Dan on the WES committee for several years. I was consistently impressed with Dan's dedication to children, understanding of the budget, and willingness to do all the hard work this position requires.

Letter: Support Sarah Gardner for Planning Board

Without reservation, I support Sarah Gardner for the five-year term on the embattled Williamstown Planning Board. Although Sarah has been much maligned in some circles for her stance on the Mike Deep/Waubeeka Zoning change, those of us who have actually attended Planning Board meetings and the hearing (and/or watched the meetings or the hearing on WilliNet) know that the negative comments about Sarah are not based on fact.

Letter: Support Dan Caplinger for School Committee

It is vital for the School Committee to have a critical mass of "institutional memory." If Dan is not re-elected, the committee will have four of five members with one year or less experience. In the last year and a half alone, the school has had three superintendents, and two business managers. Dan has the personal memories that explain how we have arrived at where we are today, and that can inform how to proceed tomorrow.

Letter: Water Protection and Size at Waubeeka

If one only reads previous articles about the Waubeeka proposal to build a "country inn" just south of the Five Corners Historic District in Williamstown, you would think that there is a grand conspiracy to stifle development and thwart business growth by a selfish group of abuttors and tree-hugging conservationists. The devil is in the details.

Letter: Anthony Birthplace Museum Supports Scenic Rail

I understand the Scenic Railway in the Berkshires is nearly complete. Only one mile needs to be laid in order to access North Adams and the town of Adams. The cost still needed is for the labor, not the materials.

Letter: Support Hogeland for Planning Board

Anne Hogeland is running for the two-year slot on the Williamstown Planning Board, and there hasn't been a more opportune time than next Tuesday's town election, to vote her on it.

Letter: Gardner Well-Qualified for Planning Board

The Williamstown Planning Board has the broadest role of any town committee, and we are fortunate this year to have a candidate running for a five-year seat who is superbly qualified to fill that role Sarah Gardner.

Letter: Gardner Saddened by Failure to Reach Waubeeka Compromise

I was saddened that the Williamstown Planning Board, of which I am a member, could not reach consensus on the language for a commercial overlay district at Waubeeka Golf Links at the May 4 meeting.

Letter: Support Puddester for Planning Board

Susan would bring no agenda with her to the Planning Board other than a desire to make the best decisions on behalf of all Williamstown residents. I wholeheartedly endorse her candidacy and recommend that you vote for her on May 10.

Letter: Moving Forward on Full Day Side-By-Side

The following are some thoughts on the recent Williamstown Elementary School Committee meeting on April 28. While I am on the High School committee, my comments are those of an individual.

Letter: Answers Needed on North Adams Health Department Backlog

The recent revelation that the City of North Adams has fallen behind in its responsibility to provide its citizens of the most basic legally required Health Inspections demands a community announcement as compelling as Mayor Alcombright announcing his recision of the Winter Parking Ban sent to all citizens.

Letter: Support Waubeeka Compromise & Sarah Gardner

I plan to vote for the Waubeeka petition at our Williamstown town meeting as amendments are worked out on the floor. It is the best way to actually preserve open space possibilities as well as perhaps "banking" the land for the future as climate change brings more challenges to food production. It certainly would not hurt to realize the revenue off of the planned proposal if it could find a responsible developer.

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