Guest Column: Going to the Dogs

Years ago, cities and towns started eliminating the swimming pools and skating rinks and it's time to start eliminating or repurposing the dormant ball fields and basketball courts too. It's always difficult for a city to shrink it's maintenance footprint and grow as a city at the same time. The only answer to this question is to convert these spaces into dog parks. Hear me out as the benefits far outweigh the costs.

Letter: Condemn Trump/Bannon

I stood before this City Council in 2003 to ask the council to stand with other communities, to pass a resolution requesting the federal government to revise the hastily written and adopted so-called Patriot Act, an act that eroded many of our civil liberties and paved the way for further erosion of them. The good members of that council sat by and did nothing.

Letter: Thanks for Quitting Smoking

This Thanksgiving season, I'd like to remind readers to thank a co-worker, friend or family member who has quit smoking. Many smokers say quitting is the hardest thing they have ever done. Most smokers have to try a few times before they quit for good, and any amount of recognition can help someone stay quit.

Guest Column: Massachusetts Stands For Civil Rights, Civil Liberties

Over the last week, I have heard many heart-wrenching stories about children and adults expressing their sadness and fear based on the results of the national election. It is natural to feel sad and disappointed when your candidate doesn't win. It is not typical, though, in our country, to feel fearful at the end of an election. But because of the repeated expression of bigoted views about women, racial minorities, people of both the Jewish and Muslim faiths, immigrants, members of the LGBT...

Letter: Negative Campaigning Is Not a Treat

When one of the authors of this letter went to a friend's party after trick-or-treating, he found a pack of M&Ms in his candy bag with a little note that stated: "Hillary for Prison 2016." It was outrageous. Halloween is for kids, not for campaigning. We feel that expressing your views about the election through children is inappropriate; if you want to express your feelings you should find a more reasonable way. The person was irresponsible when they did that.

Letter: Check Hinds on Tuesday

As we look out to next Tuesday, there is a wide breadth of questions and various positions both national and local that every eligible voter has the right and responsibility to vote on. No matter what side you take on any of these decisions, they will not only affect our lives, but the lives of future generations in the commonwealth, our nation, and our world.

Letter: Vote Yes on Pittsfield's Question 5

I'm a local real estate broker/owner of Gile Real Estate. As a broker, I see the money that we've given to other [Community Preservation Act] communities for the past 16 years in real estate document recording fees ($170 every time a property is purchased.)

Letter: Pittsfield Giving Away Money to Wealthy Mass Cities

I have been hearing from a lot of Pittsfield residents about things that are wrong in Pittsfield. Surely, no city is perfect, but we have our golden opportunity to correct at least one of the "wrongs" simply by voting yes on Question 5 on Nov. 8 to adopt the Community Preservation Act.

Letter: Question 2 Contrary to the Commonwealth

Charter schools are an expensive proposition in the commonwealth of Massachusetts with no oversight from our locally elected officials. This year, over $400 million will be diverted from local school districts to fund these privately managed schools.

Letter: Support CPA Question

The Community Preservation Act would support everything I love about living in Pittsfield: its proud and fascinating heritage, picturesque historic architecture, creative economy, and the natural beauty of its outdoor spaces.

Letter: Time for Pittsfield to Say Yes to CPA

I'm writing to urge Pittsfield citizens to vote yes on Question 5. When we are open minded, study the facts, figures and multiple examples of success stories, it is a natural conclusion that Pittsfield would benefit immensely from [Community Preservation Act's] adoption. It is time to say yes.

Letter: Support Community Preservation Act

There are many reasons for a town to adopt the CPA law. Most importantly it is a totally and completely a democratic process, as the projects must be approved by the town after vetting by the CPA committee. Sometimes overlooked is the fact that having funds to help complete projects, keeps those hard-working volunteers active in protecting the historic resources we all cherish.

Letter: David vs Goliath

As a treasurer for a candidate many years ago, I know how to peek at the campaign finance reports (Everyone can: check OCPF for MA, next report 10/31). As of the end of August, Adam Hinds' campaign had reported $75,067 in donations and spent $54,681 vs Christine Canning-Wilson reporting $3,185 [in donations] and spending $2,922.

Letter: How Should I Vote On Prop 2?

This was the question I was asked by a friend because they knew I had taught in both regular and charter public schools. For those who don't know, a yes vote on Prop 2 [Question 2 on the general election ballot] will expand the charter school program in Massachusetts and a no vote will keep charters at current levels.

Letter: Ballot Question 2

There are good educational arguments for both sides of Question 2 on increasing the number of charter schools. However one claim by the proponents of this issue is misleading.

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