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Beacon Cinema Cuts Ribbon On Cushy New Seats

Those from the Beacon recognize that role as being a community partner. So while the seats are an effort to keep up with the changing times, the Beacon isn't going to stay with the pricing trends. On Friday, Manager Lydia Shulman announced a reduction in many of the ticket prices.

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Pittsfield Approves Extending Tax Breaks For Beacon Cinema

It was in 1997 when Downtown Pittsfield Inc. revealed a downtown master plan which called for a movie theater on North Street. City officials and DPI went searching high and low for a developer, from big chains to independent operators with little luck. Eventually they found Richard Stanley, who ran the Triplex in Great Barrington, and he too wanted nothing to do with the project.

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Pittsfield To Consider Extending Beacon Cinema's Tax Breaks

The City Council is being asked to extend tax breaks for the Beacon Cinema. The Cinema was granted a tax increment financing agreement when it was built in 2006. That agreement spanned for nine years, concluding this June. For the first seven of those, the theater had 100 percent of the tax on increases in value each year abated - so the owner Richard Stanley paid both personal property and real estate taxes on the set value of $609,100. For the final two years, the company paid 25 percen

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