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Drury Students Help Teach Third-Graders About Healthy Eating

A presentation about healthy eating can include a PowerPoint presentation, crafts, music and flossing. Not the kind of flossing you do to protect your teeth though that is important too.

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North Adams Councilor Raises 'Food Desert' Issue in West End

These developments may be private, but Cohen feels "that there is a need for larger conversations with our leadership." Her suggestion was to refer it to the Community Development Board and perhaps to extend the conversation to involve more stakeholders.

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'Chefs In Schools' Brings Healthy Eating to Pittsfield Children

Eat well, sleep well, and exercise are the keys to a healthy life. Thanks to Blue Cross Blue Shield, the first of which is being instilling in young children throughout the city schools by bringing in Project Bread's Chefs in Schools program. One of Project Bread's initiatives is ran out of Boston and brings chefs into schools to help train cafeteria staff, test out new recipes, and teach children about healthy eating - even getting the picky eaters to try new things. The overall goal is to t

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