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North Adams Committee Mulling Plastic-Bag Ban

The ban proposal had been raised by Committee Chairman Eric Buddington, who said he had been looking into ban put in place by other communities. About 69 or 70 municipalities in Massachusetts have prohibitions on the plastic bags, with some including polystyrene containers.

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Pittsfield Health Director Concerned With Plastic Bag-Ban Enforcement

The petition, filed by the Green Commission and local attorney Rinaldo Del Gallo, is before the City Council now. It would place a ban on certain single-use plastic bags mostly the plastic bags used for groceries at the supermarket. But the enforcement of that falls on the Board of Health, which says it wouldn't be able to do regular inspections.

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Guest Column: Time for Pittsfield to Ban Single-Use Plastic Bags

But if it passes the City Council, Pittsfield will not be the second community in Berkshire County to ban single-use plastic bags, it will be the seventh. Four years of study later, it is time to end the paralysis of analysis and protect tourism and the environment.

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