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Tyer Officially Appoints Wynn As Pittsfield's Chief of Police

Mayor Linda Tyer is looking to remove the word "acting" from Police Chief Michael Wynn's title. The mayor is asking the City Council to as chief, a role he has been serving for a decade under an acting provision. Wynn had been promoted to administrative captain in 2007, essentially managing the department. In 2009, he was appointed "acting chief of police" and has served in that role since.

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Civil Service Denies Waiver For Pittsfield Police Chief

The state has denied a waiver to allow Michael Wynn to be appointed as chief of Police. Wynn has been serving as chief in acting capacity since 2009, being appointed to the position by former Mayor James Ruberto. Earlier this year, Mayor Linda Tyer sought a waiver from the Civil Service requirements to make Wynn the chief on a more permanent basis.

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