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Adams-Cheshire Changes Retiree Insurance Split

The committee unanimously voted Tuesday to change the retiree health care split from 75/25 to 60/40 for non MedX plan users and 51/49 for MedX plan users.

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Lanesborough FinCom Looks to State For Help With Retiree Health Care

With support from the last election, Finance Committee Chairman Ray Jones is now calling on the state legislature to allow the town to increase the percentage retirees pay for health insurance. Jones had requested a ballot question on the town election to "change the health insurance premium contribution rate for eligible town retirees from town's share 85 percent and retirees' share 15 percent to town's share 70 percent and retirees share 30 percent."

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Non-Binding Question Asks Lanesborough to Hike Retiree Health-Care Premiums

John Goerlach worked 20 years in the town's Highway Department so when he retired, part of his health insurance will come from the town's budget. Goerlach will be paying 15 percent of the premium with the town picking up the rest. Goerlach is now a Selectman, a decade after leaving the town's employment, and he's tasked with managing the finances. Because of conflict of interest laws, he cannot vote to increase the percentage retirees pay for benefits.

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