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Adams Police Release Video, Challenge Racial Profiling Allegations

Using dash cam footage, Police Chief Richard Tarsa challenged allegations of racial profiling during a vehicle stop in connection with last week's shooting.

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Lach's Lounge Faces Licensing Board Scrutiny, Again

For the third time in two years, Lach's Lounge was before the Licensing Board after a violent crime. But this time, the Licensing Board struggled to find how the bar was related to a Sept. 10 shooting in which a 32-year-old resident was shot multiple times. The incident occurred in the parking lot at about 1:20 p.m., a good 20 minutes after the bar had closed. While the victim had been a patron earlier in the evening, it is not known whether the shooter was there or not. Bar officials say the

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Methuselah Likely to Face Punishment From Licensing Board After Shooting

Police Lt. Michael Grady said the 17-year-old's shooting was likely gang related. He doesn't believe the shooter was inside of Methuselah at the time but that "associates" of the shooter were. The victim walked into the bar, had a drink as has been shown on the surveillance footage provided to police by Cohen and then left after 20 minutes. It was then he was shot right outside.

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