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Pittsfield Cumberland Farms Slapped With Tobacco Violation

After two violations of the tobacco retail license, the managers from Cumberland Farms on First Street say tobacco products will not be sold at all unless the customer has identification. The city is imposing a $350 fine on the convenience store but is holding the seven-day suspension in abeyance, meaning it will be enforced only if there is another violation.

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Pittsfield Health Officials Uphold Demolition Order; Tobacco License Suspension

The Board of Health upheld both a demolition order on a multi-unit building on John Street and a suspension of Thing or Two's tobacco license. Thing or Two Variety on Francis Avenue will have its tobacco licenses suspended for seven days following a number of violations. Health Director Gina Armstrong said on May 10, inspectors from the Tri-Town Health Department found flavored tobacco products in stock. Such products were banned dating back to sweeping new tobacco regulations crafted in 2014

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Pittsfield Health Officials Back Tobacco Control Programs

Recently, the Board of Health was asked to ease the compliance standards. Currently, every three years a store clerk has to become certified, at a cost of $25, through watching 45 minutes worth of videos and taking an exam. Chairman Jay Green said the program is working and results show that, so he'd be hard pressed to advocate to loosen the restrictions.

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