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2019 - 2020

Combined Statistics
ALL GAMES:(19-0)(12-0) (7-0)
LEAGUE:(8-0)(0-0) (4-0)
NON LEAGUE:(11-0)(8-0) (3-0)

May 06 Pittsfield W 6-1
May 07 Monument Mountain W 21-1
May 13 Wahconah W 0-10
May 17 Mount Greylock W 18-0
May 20 Lee W 0-14
May 21 Hoosac Valley W 0-32
May 23 Mount Everett W 21-0
May 24 Drury W 20-0
May 27 Monument Mountain W 1-20
Jun 01 Wahconah W 13-0
Jun 03 Mount Greylock W 3-8
Jun 04 Pittsfield W 2-6
Jun 09 Pittsfield W 11-0
Jun 21 Mohawk W 1-26
Jun 23 Mount Greylock W 2-12
Jun 25 Southwick W 2-10
Jun 28 Belchertown W 1-11
Jul 02 Advanced Math and Science W 2-4
Jul 05 Medfield W 14-10
Christian Salzarulo1.0001102010
Nick Hall.5004242040
Anton Lazits.4805024333481610
Bo Bramer.4515123412311419
Leo Arace.447472124272156
Matt Lee.439411822130106
Evan Blake.41748202335996
Nick Guachione.38936142014275
Sam Sherman.364441620120117
Brendan Stannard.294511523250910
Adam Lazits.28239111860105
Stevie Zuccalo.2504141031
Michael Britten.25012335121
Nick Harrington.14314203000
Antonio Scalise.0005041030
Damon Pause.0001020010
Anton Lazits5024
Bo Bramer5123
Leo Arace4721
Evan Blake4820
Matt Lee4118
Sam Sherman4416
Brendan Stannard5115
Nick Guachione3614
Adam Lazits3911
Michael Britten123
Nick Hall42
Nick Harrington142
Stevie Zuccalo41
Christian Salzarulo11
Antonio Scalise50
Damon Pause10
Bo Bramer5141
Anton Lazits5033
Leo Arace4724
Evan Blake4823
Brendan Stannard5123
Matt Lee4122
Sam Sherman4420
Nick Guachione3620
Adam Lazits3918
Stevie Zuccalo44
Nick Hall44
Antonio Scalise54
Michael Britten123
Damon Pause12
Christian Salzarulo10
Nick Harrington140
Evan Blake4835
Anton Lazits5034
Leo Arace4727
Brendan Stannard5125
Bo Bramer5123
Nick Guachione3614
Matt Lee4113
Sam Sherman4412
Adam Lazits396
Michael Britten125
Nick Harrington143
Nick Hall42
Christian Salzarulo12
Stevie Zuccalo41
Antonio Scalise51
Damon Pause10
Home RunsABHR
Evan Blake489
Anton Lazits508
Nick Guachione362
Leo Arace472
Michael Britten121
Bo Bramer511
Sam Sherman440
Matt Lee410
Stevie Zuccalo40
Nick Hall40
Christian Salzarulo10
Antonio Scalise50
Damon Pause10
Nick Harrington140
Adam Lazits390
Brendan Stannard510
Anton Lazits5016
Leo Arace4715
Bo Bramer5114
Sam Sherman4411
Matt Lee4110
Adam Lazits3910
Evan Blake489
Brendan Stannard519
Nick Guachione367
Nick Hall44
Stevie Zuccalo43
Antonio Scalise53
Michael Britten122
Christian Salzarulo11
Damon Pause11
Nick Harrington140
Bo Bramer5119
Anton Lazits5010
Brendan Stannard5110
Sam Sherman447
Matt Lee416
Leo Arace476
Evan Blake486
Nick Guachione365
Adam Lazits395
Stevie Zuccalo41
Michael Britten121
Nick Hall40
Christian Salzarulo10
Antonio Scalise50
Damon Pause10
Nick Harrington140
Anton Lazits5-01.5076285813
Matt Lee5-0.6443336817
Sam Sherman4-0.913323346
Evan Blake1-0.00004100
Adam Lazits1-0.0010474
Leo Arace0-0.00005122

BATTING STATS Abbreviations
AVG - Average
AB - At Bats
H - Hits
R - Runs
RBI - Runs Batted In
HR - Home Runs
BB - Base On Balls
SB - Stolen Bases
PITCHING STATS Abbreviations
W-L - Win or Loss
ERA - Earned Run Average
R - Runs
ER - Earned Runs
IP - Innings Pitched
SO - Strike Outs
BB - Base On Balls
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