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Adams Places Restrictions on Summer Street Bars

The Selectmen set some restrictions last Thursday with the bars' management after mounting issues in the Summer and Victory Street area.

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A-Mart's Liquor License Suspended After The Holidays

A-Mart won't be selling alcohol for three days ... after the holidays. The Licensing Board sanctioned the North Street package store with the suspension relating back to an incident in May. In July, the board had punished A-Mart with a three-day suspension for the incident in which an intoxicated person was sold more alcohol at the store.

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Police Call For Revocation Of Lach's Lounge Liquor License

Police are asking the Licensing Board to shut down Lach's Lounge. Lach's Lounge is currently shut down until mid-November when it will have a hearing before the Licensing Board after a police investigation into a shooting and alleged drug dealing. The latest pile onto a lengthy history of instances at the bar and for that, Police have asked for the liquor license to be revoked.

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