Letter: Williamstown Planning Board Proposals

Perhaps the Planning Board should have spent more time reaching out to all the town's citizenry long before any town meeting.

Letter: Re-Elect Gordon Hubbard to Lanesborough Select Board

I support the re-election of Gordon Hubbard to the Select Board in the town of Lanesborough.

Letter: Why Williamstown's Zoning Proposals Should be Tabled

I am writing in response to Peter Beck's letter of June 12, which argues that at town meeting, Williamstown residents should "discuss" the 10 articles the Planning Board has put forward and then vote them up or down.

Letter: Zoning Proposals in Williamstown 'Not Ready for Prim Time'

To be frank, most of these articles are simply not ready for prime time.

Letter: Let Town Meeting Vote on the Zoning Proposals

The Planning Board split its work into 10 articles because they're not an interconnected, inseverable mass. They are all about allowing more homes to be built in Williamstown, but they do that work in different ways, in different parts of town.

Letter: Not NIMBY, It's Common Sense

We simply ask our fellow residents to wait a year until our $180,000 Comprehensive Town Plan is complete before approving radical changes. Shouldn't zoning implement our Comprehensive Plan, not the other way around?

Letter: Williamstown Planning Board Proposals

A holistic approach to town zoning is far preferable. Selectively passing one or two of the failed Planning Board's proposed zoning changes amounts to spot zoning. All related articles should be tabled or voted down.

Letter: Zoning Changes Will Have Cumulative Effects

The Planning Board has put forward 10 warrant articles total. Contrary to claims of only "tweaking around the margins," these articles encompass many and, in some cases, radical changes affecting nearly everyone in town.

Letter: Williamstown's Proposed Zoning Changes Will Help Make Town More Diverse

In order to have a diverse community where those who work here can live here, we need to pass Warrant Articles 39, 40 and 41.

Letter: Voters Should Reject Changes to RR Zone

It is hard not to conclude that town voters should reject the Planning Board's proposed articles with respect to our Rural Residence districts.

Letter: E-Scooters Injuries: A New Epidemic

With the advent of the Bird e-scooters in Pittsfield, available to anyone with a license, a few cents, and a cell phone, I hope that Berkshire Medical Center's emergency room is ready for the traumatic brain injuries coming down the road.

Letter: Support Ken Kuttner for Planning Board

We are so blessed to have two thoughtful, dedicated community members running for the open Planning Board seat. I'm writing to share my support for Ken Kuttner because of the vision and approach he will bring to the planning board at this time.

Letter: Support for Williamstown Planning Board Recommendations

I support the Williamstown Planning Board's bylaw recommendations. They represent a good first step towards reducing the artificial barriers in our decades-old zoning map.

Letter: Planning Board Candidate Carin DeMayo-Wall

I am writing in support of Carin DeMayo-Wall for Planning Board. I believe that her connection to and ongoing involvement in our town and our issues makes her the best person for the job.

Letter: Vote DeMayo-Wall for Planning Board

Vote for Carin DeMayo-Wall for Planning Board. She's smart, energetic, and knowledgeable. And not naive.

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