Letter: Let's Make Property Taxes Progressive

Those in the bottom income quintile pay 5.4 percent of their income on municipal tax while the top quintile pays less than 3 percent, and the top 1 percent of earners pay only 1.6 percent of their household income, according to the Institute of Taxation and Economic Policy (ITEP).

Letter: Vote For Kingsbury-Evans

We need younger bloodlines in our elected officials and offices. She has good ideas and will a good representative in the Massachusetts First House District.

Letter: Harrington Deserves Another Term

Andrea walks the walk on showing up to make change.

Letter: Re-Elect Andrea Harrington

Unlike previous district attorneys, Andrea Harrington has brought an unwavering sense of kindness and compassion to her office, which has enhanced the way the Berkshire court system operates.

Letter: Vote for Shugrue and Bowler

I believe attorney Shugrue and Sheriff Bowler have earned your vote, and Berkshire County will be well served when they are elected.

Letter: Why I Support Paul Mark

I've known Paul Mark all his political life, and we couldn't ask for a better person to be our next state senator in Boston. Paul is an experienced and practical progressive who will hit the ground running in the state Senate.

Letter: Political Bias

Do you only report about Democrat candidates or am I missing your reporting on Republican candidates some how?

Letter: Andrea Harrington for DA

The election of Andrea Harrington was part of a wave of progressive DAs across the country elected by people who recognize that our justice system is too often unjust and in need of meaningful change.

Letter: Playing Ukraine National Anthem at Tanglewood on Parade Was Bad Idea

While I would certainly concede that Russia is the worst of the two countries in terms of human rights abuses, Ukraine has many despicable aspects to it of which I am highly confident almost all the people standing were ignorant.

Letter: Letter Writer Has Confidence in Restaurant Architect

I have crossed paths with Brian MacKay-Lyons over a period of more than 40 years. His award-winning work has consistently been of the highest quality and especially responsive to its setting.

Letter: Eleanor Sonsini Shelter Left Out

Why isn't the Sonsini Shelter given the same funds and publicity? Am I missing something?

Letter: Abortion Is Health Care

Abortion is health care, and is a basic human right that has been protected by Roe for the past 50 years.

Letter: Williamstown Planning Board Proposals

Perhaps the Planning Board should have spent more time reaching out to all the town's citizenry long before any town meeting.

Letter: Re-Elect Gordon Hubbard to Lanesborough Select Board

I support the re-election of Gordon Hubbard to the Select Board in the town of Lanesborough.

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