Letter: Williamstown's Racist Legacy

I asked my great-aunt and -uncle what they heard and saw Colonial Village as residents and they all say: "Whites-only. We were told as children to avoid going in there because it was unsafe and unwelcoming for Black people."

Letter: Democracy In quarantine: Vote, and Vote Safely

Never has it been so dangerous to cast our vote; yet, more so than ever, we need to. This upcoming national election will determine the course of our country, our town, our family, and our life.

Letter: Voting Makes Voices Heard

The only way to solve the issues in our government, our political process, and our country is to make our voices heard. Whether it's a local, state, or national election, each of us has a civic duty to vote to make our government work for us the way it's supposed to.

Letter: Support for Peter Beck for Planning Board

I write to enthusiastically support Peter Beck for a five-year term on the Williamstown Planning Board. Peter was a star student at Yale Law School.

Letter: Federal Aid Needed to Stabilize Public School Funding

The COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally altered the landscape for public education in just about every way. It has further exacerbated the inequities in our society, from access to technology and broadband in rural areas to the assurance of essential nutrition for underserved populations.

Letter: Change in Tobacco Sales June 1, 2020

I want to remind people that starting June 1, 2020, flavored tobacco, including menthol cigarettes like Kools and Newports will no longer be sold in Massachusetts.

Letter: Five Stars to The Spoke

I have been a customer of The Spoke for years and now I want to send accolades to Paul, Heidi and Damien.

Letter: Envisioning Pedestrian-Friendly Streets

Historically, we start by giving the right-of-way to the cars, pushing the pedestrians and cyclists to the sidelines. What would happen if thought that pedestrians and cyclists should get priority?

Letter: Susan B. Anthony Should Have More Prominent Spot

Susan B. Anthony deserves more then to be in a place where 95 percent of the passing drivers and passengers will not see her

Guest Column: Our Cultural Organizations Need Us Because We Need Them

In the Berkshires, our arts and cultural organizations take on another dimension as well. Here, they are a way of life.

Letter: Advisory Should Be Order for Travelers to 'Self-Quarantine'

Would local police do so much as to even make a phone call to a former spouse as a friendly reminder to heed the spirit of the advisory?

Letter: Smoking and COVID-19

We all know that smoking is harmful to one's lungs. As our lives are disrupted by the coronavirus, this fact raises concerns about the damaging impact the coronavirus (COVID-19) may have on those who smoke or vape.

Letter: Coronavirus Tests Only for Those in the 'Big Club'

Now you have to be in that big club that you ain't in to get a coronavirus test. Ordinary folks like you or me cannot get tested. But if we were NBA basketball players, movie stars, royalty, or a politician we get to cut to the head of the line. You don't even have to show symptoms.

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