Letter: Support Voting Rights on MLK Jr. Day

The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s family has requested that there be "no celebration" on the upcoming weekend in his honor until the federal voting rights legislation is enacted.

Letter: Merry Orthodox Christmas

Merry Orthodox Christmas, Jan. 7, 2022. This is celebrated largely in Russia, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Greece and Serbia, by Coptic Christians in Egypt, and regions that have people from these countries

Letter: Pittsfield Public Schools: Opportunity for Change

The Pittsfield Public Schools are struggling, but unlike the past the problem isn't a lack of funding it's a lack of vision and leadership. We cannot hope to give our children the schools they deserve unless we adequately staff them. What should be abundantly clear to our leaders and elected officials is the fact that we cannot begin to properly staff our schools unless we start to compensate people (our teachers and support staff) fairly for the important work that they do.

Letter: Williamstown Racial Justice & Police Reform Supports Bernard for Interim Town Manager

We believe that Mayor Bernard is the unicorn that Select Board member Jane Patton hoped for when she asked for administrative and racial justice experience in a candidate.

Letter: Our Collective Future

Nearly two weeks have passed since the North Adams election and I continue ask what I could have done differently and ponder if it was all worth it.

Letter: Parents Should Be Concerned About Violence, Drug Use

So parents keep your eyes out for signs. Check bags, if possible. Call school or police anonymously and let them know. This is the only way we can help keep our kids safe. Just because our kids are in school it's not just the schools' problem, it's ours too, we brought them into this world.

Letter: Look to Hope of Future, Not Ways of Past: Vote for Bond

I don't want North Adams to go back to what it was 12 years ago. I like knowing that when I see the city's mayor, despite the many pressures of their job, I'm going to be received with a warm handshake or embrace. I like knowing that if I've got some time and a means of being productive that I can engage in my hometown in whatever capacity I choose.

Letter: Get Information About Dangers of Youth Vaping

The start of the school year and new routines brings new worries about teen vaping. These concerns are important, especially now, because smoking and vaping may put people at higher risk of complications from COVID-19.

Letter: Macksey for Mayor

Jennifer cares for her community, her voters, for everyone. She is kind and wonderful listener, she will absolutely be a great leader. She is a positive role model for all of us. She is exactly what our city needs for a better tomorrow.

Letter: Lynette Bond Represents Change

As an outsider who sees not only the potential but the current beauty in North Adams; as a small-business owner who understands the difficulty in thinking differently to live better; I encourage you to vote for Lynette Bond, the representative of change.

Letter: Macksey Is Best Candidate for Mayor

It's clear that with all her knowledge in finance, education, and municipal government that Jennifer is the best candidate for mayor of the city of North Adams.

Letter: Support Lynette Bond for the Future of North Adams

That's why I'm supporting Lynette Bond for mayor. North Adams deserves leadership that keeps looking forward. We need leaders dedicated to finding solutions, investments, and innovations that will endure for the decades ahead.

Letter: Why I'm Voting for Jennifer Macksey for Mayor

When Jennifer announced her intention to run for mayor of the city of North Adams, I knew from that moment who I would be voting for.

Letter: Bond Will Be the Mayor We Deserve

Lynette understands what it means to collaborate for everyone's benefit. She's a communicator, connector, manager, effective delegator, and community builder who works across lines of division to get it done.

Letter: Lynette Bond Is a Leader for the Future

To me, elections mean hope. My hope with this mayoral election is that our first female mayor will bring fresh energy and ideas to the corner office and usher in a new era for North Adams.

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