Letter: Macksey For North Adams Mayor

I have known Jennifer for over 20 years and have had numerous interactions with her both professionally and personally. As a result, I am convinced as to her outstanding character, decisiveness and leadership abilities. She has always been responsive, reasonable, and willing to make tough decisions by tackling them head-on.

Letter: Lynette Bond for Mayor

As a voter, you are deciding who the city hires to be the next mayor. Similarly in business, you also look at resumes and look for patterns with your candidates.

Letter: Jennifer Macksey For Mayor

It was discouraging to see the quality of candidate it appeared we could be looking at as the city's next chief executive. Things improved when Jennifer Macksey entered the race.

Letter: Bond Has Knowledge, Experience for Mayor

Believe me when I say that this was a tough decision, as I know both candidates, both with different but relevant backgrounds. For me, though, I find Lynette Bond to be the superior choice.

Letter: Support Bond for Mayor

Both of these women have great qualities to lead our city and I'm confident that we will be just fine with either one sitting in the corner office.

Letter: Macksey Has the Qualifications for Mayor

While we have two very intelligent candidates, it is abundantly clear to me that Jennifer Macksey has all the qualifications to move our city in a direction that is all inclusive.

Letter: Macksey Is the Best Candidate to Lead North Adams

I'm proud to state my public support for Jennifer Macksey, the one candidate for mayor in North Adams who is truly prepared to lead North Adams starting on Jan. 1 and going forward.

Letter: Vote Lynette Bond for Mayor

The city of North Adams has always had to work a little harder than other places to succeed. Lynette gets that and spends her time putting in that effort, not just talking about it or reminiscing about what once was.

Letter: Lynette Bond Is My Candidate

Lynette is her own woman with her own style of leadership, never being an apprentice or having a career tied to any former mayor, making her a new face in City Hall with new energy to move old projects forward and develop fresh ideas. Lynette Bond is "for the future of North Adams" unlike being stuck in the past.

Letter: Support Bond for Mayor

Since I was part of that government for six years, I feel a need to respond this way: What defined our government during the time I served was a willingness to be open and transparent in notable contrast to what came before.

Letter: Support Jennifer Macksey for Mayor

The voters of North Adams have to take advantage of the great opportunity that has been given to them! The decision by Jennifer Macksey to run for mayor will give you the most qualified and experienced candidate to lead North Adams forward.

Letter: Jennifer Macksey for Mayor

I am writing to encourage you to cast your vote for Jennifer Macksey as the next mayor of North Adams. I have worked very closely with Jennifer in matters of the Northern Berkshire School Union. Jennifer's success rate for improving our schools has been 100 percent.

Letter: Bond for Mayor

I support Lynette Bond as North Adams' next mayor. I trust her experience and personal sensibilities, and believe her leadership would provide a breath of new life to the city.

Letter: Don't Repeat the Past in North Adams Mayoral Race

I was very excited when Lynette Bond announced her candidacy for mayor in June. However, when Jennifer Macksey announced her candidacy my concerns mounted.

Letter: Lynette Bond for Mayor

Lynette is everything you'd want in a mayor. She is honest, a great leader, has the tenacity to make tough decisions, and an amazing ability to inspire others to reach their goals.

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