Letter: Hinkell Family Thanks Community for Support After House Fire

We would like to thank everybody for their generous support during these tough times for our family. We greatly appreciate all of the donations, prayers, meals, and support that has been sent our way. We feel so blessed to be part of such an amazing community and we honestly couldn't have made it through this past week without all your help.

Letter: Kudos to North Adams Vaccination Site

On Saturday, I experienced the most organized and well handled vaccine site at St. Elizabeth's of Hungary in North Adams. Not to mention, helpful, friendly and so very courteous. Everyone who help with this site should be commended. Hats off to all of you ... and, WELL DONE! ♥

Letter: Poor Journalism in Reporting Sullivan School Issue

The character of the neighborhood: would change no matter what type of housing they put there, admittedly more so with low income housing and the problems associated with the disease of poverty.

Letter: House Managers Misstate Historical Precedent for Impeachment

The argument that there is historical precedent for impeachment of officer holders that have left office has been grossly overstated by the House managers on the opening day of the trial of Trump's impeachment.

Letter: Vitamin D May Provide Covid-19 Protection

Taking Vitamin D-3 supplements may help protect us, especially those of us who are dark skinned. They are available at your local drug store and not expensive. Get the word out! We need to do all we can!

Letter: Stop Photographing Injections

Why, are photographers insistent on showing us the INJECTION going into the ARM??

Letter: Vote YES on 2 for Ranked Choice Voting

There are only two things a voter needs to know when using RCV before casting a ballot. First, instead of voting for one candidate, you rank them in order of preference. As simple as ranking candidate choices in order of preference may be, opponents repeatedly argue that this is "too confusing" for voters. This is a preposterous insults to voters' intelligence.

Letter: MGRS Needs More Responsible Approach to Field

With a majority of the School Committee members being replaced in November which makes me wonder why the current committee is pushing for a decision now I'm looking forward to open, reasoned and responsible dialogue and approach to decision-making in the future.

Letter: Standouts to Support Public Higher Education

To call attention to the benefits of public higher education as well as to highlight the need to adequately fund our institutions both locally and statewide, there will be two community standouts on Friday, Oct. 2, from 5-6 p.m.

Letter: Response to Bilal Ansari and DIRE

Bilal, I truly want to understand you. I truly want our community to be the best we can be. If I have not made clear my responses to any of your questions, please let us continue this conversation.

Letter: Residents Repudiate Neighborhood's Racially Restrictive Origins

Residents repudiate neighborhood's racially restrictive origins in a commitment to inclusion.

Letter: Trump has Committed a Crime

He appears to have committed a criminal act and should be prosecuted, and at least prevented from committing more criminal acts. Wake up, people! This man is using our freedoms to destroy those very freedoms. He is a danger to our nation.

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