Letter: Mayor Should Demand Mass MoCA Restore Children's Work

I am so upset at what Mass Moca did to the beautiful work that the children did on the bridge pedestals. How dare they cover it over, it broke those children's hearts and upset a lot of people.

Guest Column: The Explosion of Vaping and Youth Use

These are ample reasons to be concerned about youth vaping. Most importantly, nicotine is a highly addictive substance and young people are uniquely at risk for long-term long-lasting effects of exposing their developing brains to nicotine.

Letter: Judith Knight Best Fit for District Attorney

Ms. Knight, during her 30-plus years as an attorney, has served as an assistant DA and a public defender/defense attorney demonstrating her knowledge of the Massachusetts court and legal system. Her proven enterprise management and certified mediation skills will also prove invaluable.

Letter: Alcombright Endorses Caccaviello for District Attorney

As a former mayor of the City of North Adams and on Sept. 4, I will be voting for Paul Caccaviello for district attorney.

Letter: Farley-Bouvier Endorses Galvin for Secretary of State

This is not a job to be undertaken lightly. Before he even ran for secretary of state, Bill Galvin was an exceptionally qualified and capable elections attorney. Today he oversees our entire elections system and given the current very real threat of election hacking, I wouldn't have it any other way.

Letter: Response to Indigenous People's Day Lawsuit Article

Indeed, I filed a lawsuit in Berkshire Superior Court (Civil Action 1876CV00187), however, my lawsuit was not over Indigenous Peoples Day, but over Columbus Day.

Letter: City Needs to Support Local Artwork

Over the past year, I have joined a number of North Adams residents in an effort to restore the schoolchildren's paintings of Berkshire County mill workers that were depicted on the cement pillars on Marshall Street in North Adams until workers from Mass MoCA illegally painted over the historic work.

Letter: Police Union Endorses Caccaviello for District Attorney

The IBPO Local 447 (Pittsfield Police Officers Union) and IBPO Local 447S (Pittsfield Police Superior Officers Union) formally endorse Paul Caccaviello for the office of Berkshire County district attorney.

Letter: Recent Article on BRTA Cuts

So much money from Berkshire County goes to fund eastern Massachusetts transportation and so little comes to BRTA, even after our Berkshire delegation has secured increased funding.

Letter: 180 Households Are Saving With Community Solar

Solstice announced that only 20 spots remain in a set of Barre solar gardens, giving Berkshire County households the chance to support local, clean energy and save on their electricity costs.

Letter: Mount Greylock Educators Want Current Contracts Honored

Educators from what will be a unified Mount Greylock Regional School District are demanding that the transition committee handling contract negotiations honor existing agreements until a new contract is settled, as well as establish a more realistic time frame for negotiating a regional agreement.

Letter: Vote - For Susan

The Nov. 6 statewide election is just around the corner, and VFS has set its sights on a 50 percent voter turnout. Thank you to all those wonderful folks who wore buttons and ribbons and displayed lawn signs; please be sure to pull them out again this fall.

Letter: Caccaviello Clear Choice for DA

My family and I were the victims of a housebreak, so I know who I would choose, who I will choose in the upcoming election. Paul Caccaviello, in my mind, is the only possible choice for district attorney.

Guest Column: Tobacco Industry Targeting Teens With Vaping

Why are so many youth vaping? E-cigarette liquids come in more than 8,000 different flavors from Swedish Fish, to s'mores, to bubblegum that are familiar and attractive to young people. And it's working.

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