Letter: Bernard Right Choice for Mayor

One of the most quietly influential people in both these realms during this time has been Tom Bernard, who is now running to become mayor of North Adams. I heartily endorse Tom's candidacy because he is the right choice for North Adams.

Letter: Bosley Endorses Daughter for State Representative

Yes, it is natural to endorse your own daughter for this position, but I would vote for her if her name was Stephanie Smith. I truly believe that she is the best person for this job. There are many reasons for this.

Letter: Blackmer Has Experience 1st Berkshire Needs

I am writing to express my support for Lisa Blackmer and her priorities for our cities and towns. Why do I support Lisa? She has the experience working with these issues that the 1st Berkshire District needs in Boston.

Letter: Tom Bernard Best Bet to Move North Adams Forward

I am writing to voice my strong and enthusiastic support of Tom Bernard for mayor of North Adams. Truth be told, I had been hoping this would happen for years.

Letter: Suicide Prevention Walk Set in Adams

Suicide is the second leading cause of death among people between the ages of 10 and 34; it is the only leading cause of death to have increased every year of the past decade. (Statistics provided by the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention).

Letter: Towle Most Qualified for State Representative

He is the only person in the field that is "Ready to serve on Day 1." He knows the people in the Legislature, he knows the aides, he knows his way around as he's been there working right along. Kevin Towle will put all communities and all opinions and all constituents first.

Letter: Blackmer Has Vision For Our Children's Future

I am writing to express my support for Lisa Blackmer for state representative. In particular, Lisa's vision for our children's future is one that takes into account decades of being a mother, working in municipal government, and serving on the school council, which she did with my father in the mid-nineties.

Letter: Bosley Strongest Candidate for 1st Berkshire

I believe Stephanie is the strongest candidate reaching the most people in a limited time. We have elected young candidates that never held an elected seat before such as Senators Swift, Downing and Hinds to name a few, and they serve(d) us well. In the past couple of years, we have elected fresh, new, progressive candidates to represent our end of the state, and adding Stephanie Bosley to that team would be a great asset.

Letter: Barrett Has Energy, Ideas for 1st Berkshire

The 1st Berkshire District is ready to lead the state with creative solutions to municipal challenges and rigorous business development. John Barrett III has the ideas, energy, connections, and most importantly, the experience to move our portion of the commonwealth in this direction.

Letter: Barrett Best Person to Represent 1st Berkshire

Now we are choosing the person we trust to succeed Gail in the state Legislature. We believe that John Barrett III is the person to best represent our district in the near term. As it was with us, much of their public life was aligned. Another tireless worker for North Berkshire, John held Gail in utmost respect and in high regard. It was mutual. In city government, they worked well together on behalf of the city and region.

Letter: Minuteman Will Be Winner, Savoy Loser in Wind Profits

Just like Savoy, the developer tried to change our bylaws to make the requirements and limitations more suitable for his project, and of course for his bottom line. But what about Savoy's bottom line?

Letter: Stephanie Bosley Best Person for Representative

I think the best person for this job is Stephanie Bosley. She has been talking about her political and work experience and how that has shaped her ideas as well as her commitment to this area in a way that is refreshing and different.

Letter: Bullett Endorses Blackmer for State Representative

I believe Lisa will be a zealous advocate for the needs of the communities that comprise the 1st Berkshire District. She will be able to work collaboratively with fellow legislators to address the issues of concern to our economy and community and work in partnership with local officials.

Letter: Stephanie Bosley Will Provide Fresh Ideas in Boston

I believe she will be a tremendous advocate for our region, particularly on environmental and agricultural issues.

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