Letter: Why I'm Voting for Jennifer Macksey for Mayor

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To the Editor:

When Jennifer announced her intention to run for mayor of the city of North Adams, I knew from that moment who I would be voting for. As a retired city clerk for the city of North Adams, I had the pleasure of getting to know Jennifer as a co-worker and as the young woman she has grown to be. Although I did not work in her direct office, as the city clerk and clerk of the council, many times I asked for her assistance when it came to municipal finances. I always felt confident in Jennifer when I needed her expertise. Jennifer was always willing to take the time to be certain it fell within Massachusetts General Laws.

Jennifer has proven the high standards she has set for herself, starting from a young child, working in her Dad's store to working at the landfill before college. Her education in our schools and her college education brought her through the many accomplishments in her career. As procurement officer, city treasurer and tax collector, she had the opportunity to know every employee, and the functions of each department. As a department head, she was able to maintain a working relationship with her staff and her fellow co-workers in City Hall. While working at MCLA, Southern Vermont College and most recently Northern Berkshire School Union, she was able to develop her leadership skills.

I'm honored to be part of Jennifer's team. Jennifer has had many meetings with residents of the city and heard their concerns; she will not dismiss those concerns. She has a definite plan for the city of North Adams and understands the challenges the city is facing. Jennifer's strong government experience and leadership is what it takes to move the city of North Adams forward.

Jennifer believes now is the time for her to give back to the community she loves and become your mayor.

I ask the voters of this community, do you want a mayor who will respond and understand your needs and run a more efficient and accountable government? If yes, please vote along with me on Nov. 2 for Jennifer Macksey for mayor.

Marilyn Gomeau
North Adams, Mass. 

Marilyn Gomeau is a retired city clerk for the city of North Adams. 




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