Letter: Arts Commission Should OK Pillar Art Restoration

I was disturbed to read that the commission had previously encouraged Mr. Oberst to submit a proposal to only then turn around and tell him that any proposal he makes will not be granted unless it is co-authored by Mass MoCA.

Letter: A Nursing Strike at BMC Not in Patients' Interest

A positive patient experience depends on competent and compassionate staff and the BMC team is comprised of a very broad range of clinical specialists and operational support staff. This team approach fosters quality care that patients expect and deserve when they place their trust in Berkshire Medical Center.

Letter: Skate Park's Sign of the Times

When this was posted on social media recently, two camps formed. One camp made up of predominately long-term, native baby-boomers of North Adams who grew up spelling every word out properly were hurt by it and the other camp made up of a younger generation, some native to North Adams and others not, who grew up misspelling words for convenience sake felt that it wasn't a big deal.

Letter: Help Dad Quit Smoking for a Happy Father's Day

Are you looking for an original, meaningful, and inexpensive Father's Day gift? If your dad smokes, show him your love by supporting him in quitting smoking. Quitting can take many tries and he doesn’t have to do it alone!

Letter: Restore children's art

Assume that part of Mass Moca's mission is to promote, preserve and encourage art. I find it counter intuitive that the organization would arbitrarily and unilateral eliminate the historic depictions of our past.

Letter: Local History Destroyed

Driving to work on Tuesday, I went a different route than usual. As I approached downtown north Adams I thought I was seeing things, The Arnold Printworks Dolls and Mill Children columns in front of Mass MoCA under the Route 2 overpass were gone.

Letter: BAtT Fundraiser Success Because of Community Support

On Saturday, April 8, Berkshire Arts & Technology Charter Public School hosted our 10th annual "Get BART Smart" fundraiser – and raised $27,843 (net) for the school's college preparatory programs.

Letter: Vote Shepard for Planning Board

I am writing to urge Williamstown residents to vote for Karen Shepard for Planning Board.

Letter: Winters for Planning Board

Please re-elect Chris Winters to the Williamstown Planning Board by voting May in support of his third term.

Letter: Vote Winters in Planning Board Election

I am writing this post to support Chris Winters' bid for re-election to the Williamstown Planning Board.

Letter: Winters Right Decision for Williamstown Planning Board

By definition, the Planning board is concerned about the future of Williamstown. That future will be determined by the rules and regulations we put in place.

Candidate Statement: Christine Hoyt for Adams Selectman

As we strolled down the sidewalk with Mount Greylock in the distance, we knew we had made the right decision to buy our home in Adams. Since then, Pete and I have branched out joining community organizations and commissions, both in Adams, as well as throughout the County.

Letter: Vote for Christine Hoyt on May 1

Christine has the knowledge and experience to improve our town's support for business. Second, Christine's enthusiasm to run for Selectman was inspired in part by her participation in Adams' townwide strategic planning process.

Letter: Support Pollinator Resolution

Bees are disappearing at an alarming rate, as emphasized by Williams College Biology Department Chair Joan Edwards, who spoke at the town's recent Agricultural Commission meeting. Sharing this concern, a number of other communities launched Western MA Pollinator Networks six months ago to expand pollinator safe habitat through education, tours, and collaboration.

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