Letter: Blackmer Best to Carry on My Sister’s Legacy

I am supporting Lisa because she has the experience, relationships, and vision to carry on Gail's legacy in Boston. She will be an amazing state representative and she has my vote on Oct. 10, I hope she has yours.

Letter: Blackmer Outworks Other Candidates

Being a state legislator, contrary to popular opinion, is a very demanding position. It takes great stamina and an ability to juggle 100 things at once, all the while maintaining a sincere ear to listen to your constituents, colleagues, experts, and especially those who need your help.

Letter: Blackmer Is the Public Servant We Need

Over the past decade, there is nobody who has delved further into the policies and practices of local governments than Lisa Blackmer. As a city councilor, town administrator and town treasurer, her dedication did not go unnoticed by others around the state, including the Massachusetts Municipal Association, where she eventually presided over the board.

Letter: Vote for Passion & Experience, Vote Kevin Towle

Kevin has worked for two state representatives in his professional career and worked on many campaigns for others as well. He is professional, caring and has a willingness to learn that makes him the best candidate.

Letter: Barrett Has the Knowledge, Experience to Serve 1st Berkshire

I am pleased to write this letter in support of John Barrett III for state representative. As a longtime professional in workforce development, I can attest to John's personal knowledge and experience on this issue in Berkshire County.

Letter: Bosley Is a Community Builder

Being that Stephanie is my wife, most would assume that this is a foregone conclusion. However, the reasons that she is my wife should matter to each and every voter when they choose to vote on Oct. 10. I knew I would marry Stephanie from our first date and I assure you that is not a line, ask anyone who knows me and you'll find this has been the story since the moment Stephanie left after the date was over.

Letter: Blackmer Stands Above the Rest

One of Lisa's most impressive qualities is her ability to listen to others and research every issue the community deals with. She takes in all of the sides presented – sometimes more than just two – and she has been known to change her mind because of the insight others gave to an issue. She does not seek the limelight, but seeks to make the right decisions.

Letter: Blackmer Has Always Advocated for Community

Her energy, knowledge, and enthusiasm for our communities are unmatched. Not only has she served the city well for the past 10 years, both here and in Boston, but she has been a staunch supporter of every cause she comes across.

Letter: Berkshires Has Already Benefited From Blackmer's Work

Meeting the energized Lisa Blackmer, seeing her interact with folks, and watching their responses back re-enforced our choice that NoCo was the place to be. There ARE politicians and representatives that care, that get involved, that are an integral part of a community.

Letter: Towle Deserves Our Vote

I am sure there are many stories like mine about his assistance to constituents; his gentle and caring manner; his open and welcoming demeanor, and his very apparent integrity while serving the First District residents.

Letter: Blackmer Right Choice for 1st Berkshire

Lisa has proven her willingness to go to Boston for us, because she has done it for the last six years. I know she has the energy to be in every community because she tirelessly attends events and forums across the district.

Letter: Stephanie Bosley Has Best Attributes in a Candidate

I am so pleased that my first vote will go to a candidate that I can wholeheartedly support. Stephanie Bosley exhibits all the attribute I want in a candidate. She is intelligent, thoughtful, creative, energetic, a good listener.

Letter: Bosley Understands Community Issues

Stephanie Bosley, a native of North Adams, has my vote. She is an intelligent, articulate woman with knowledge of the issues which our community faces. More important, Stephanie has a plan to address these challenges.

Letter: Bernard Right Choice for Mayor

One of the most quietly influential people in both these realms during this time has been Tom Bernard, who is now running to become mayor of North Adams. I heartily endorse Tom's candidacy because he is the right choice for North Adams.

Letter: Bosley Endorses Daughter for State Representative

Yes, it is natural to endorse your own daughter for this position, but I would vote for her if her name was Stephanie Smith. I truly believe that she is the best person for this job. There are many reasons for this.

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