Letter: Bosley Is the Best Candidate

But regardless of the experience of each candidate, the job requires that our representative shows the ability to work with others to get things done.

Letter: Bosley, Fresh & Ready to Be Our State Representative

When Stephanie Bosley says she is ready to be our 1st Berkshire District state representative, by making positive change from a fresh perspective, I believe her.

Letter: Rockwell Paintings Hold Special Meaning for Local Scouts

As a lifelong Berkshire County resident and a multi-year Boy Scout leader, I am appalled by the Berkshire Museum's plans to auction off the best of their art collection, including two original Rockwells, gifted by the artist himself.

Letter: Recovery in North Berkshire

Addiction, and the mental health issues that surround it, are challenges that many find hard to talk about and feel helpless to address. However, there are positive and affirming actions we can take to respond to the epidemic of addiction.

Letter: Voting for Mayor, City Council More Important Than for President

Let me highlight just a few reasons why voting in the mayor and city council elections are important to you:

Letter: First Berkshire District Needs John Barrett

There's an important election coming up on Oct. 10. Democratic and independent voters will go to the polls to elect their choice for the Democratic candidate for state representative of the 1st Berkshire District to replace the late Gail Cariddi.

Letter: Clarksburg School Project Not a Good Investment

I believe greatly in investing in infrastructure and in education particularly. As a father to two special education students I am especially sensitive to the importance of public schools being able to well serve their local populations.

Guest Column: Berkshire Museum's New Vision Ensures Future

The museum's Board of Trustees wanted to take this opportunity to share our views of the future and long-term goals that will ensure that our cherished institution will be able to enrich our community for at least another century. The reality is that our museum is facing a set of financial challenges that we must address, which requires making some difficult, and clearly, emotion-provoking decisions.

Letter: Ways to Protest Safely

With hate groups marching in cities across the U.S., it's tempting to attend to show opposition. However, direct confrontation will only escalate tensions. Hate-mongers are always wrong. Let them be wrong a little farther away from you in order to de-escalate the cycle a bit.

Letter: Turn Off Your Cell Phones During Theater Performances

A cell phone stopped the show at Shakespeare & Company. During a particularly intense scene of Lynn Nottage's extraordinary "Intimate Apparel," the amazing actor Nehassaiu deGannes broke the fourth wall but stayed in the rage of her character

Letter: Comments on the Recommendation of the Berkshire County Education Task Force

Like many others, I appreciate the time the members of the Berkshire Educational Task Force have spent on a challenging and important problem. Their recommendation is being discussed in a variety of places, and thus merits a response.

Letter: Arts Commission Should OK Pillar Art Restoration

I was disturbed to read that the commission had previously encouraged Mr. Oberst to submit a proposal to only then turn around and tell him that any proposal he makes will not be granted unless it is co-authored by Mass MoCA.

Letter: A Nursing Strike at BMC Not in Patients' Interest

A positive patient experience depends on competent and compassionate staff and the BMC team is comprised of a very broad range of clinical specialists and operational support staff. This team approach fosters quality care that patients expect and deserve when they place their trust in Berkshire Medical Center.

Letter: Skate Park's Sign of the Times

When this was posted on social media recently, two camps formed. One camp made up of predominately long-term, native baby-boomers of North Adams who grew up spelling every word out properly were hurt by it and the other camp made up of a younger generation, some native to North Adams and others not, who grew up misspelling words for convenience sake felt that it wasn't a big deal.

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