Letter: Moran Much More Experienced for Register of Deeds

Debbie works not only within the Registry, but on a statewide level as well, having the necessary connections to other offices from the Berkshires to Cape Cod and everywhere in between.

Letter: Harrington Right Person for DA

Andrea Harrington is the right person in the right place at the right time.

Letter: Caccaviello Offers Leadership, Continuity

Paul's leadership and his position are way too important to be castigated in the political arena.

Letter: Integrity Matters in District Attorney Race

A candidate must be held responsible for allowing and promoting information about his rival that is blatantly not true and hurtful.

Letter: Write-In Paul Caccaviello

Write-in Paul Caccaviello on Nov. 6. Choose an experienced prosecutor over a politician.

Letter: Choose Harrington Over Opponent's Spin

Paul is running a "write-in" campaign under the mostly false premise that "not everyone had the chance to vote in the primary."

Letter: Support Our Democratic Nominee Andrea Harrington

It is now crystal clear that Paul Caccaviello used the Democratic Party as a way to assure what he perceived as an easy path to get elected. Why should this be a surprise as he was never a Democrat and his positions throughout the campaign demonstrated that?

Letter: District Attorney Seat Belongs to the People

No one should have a monopoly on this office for years at a time. It is important for fair administration. This is why we have elections for certain positions. And the election process should not be controlled by money or power.

Letter: Maria Ziemba for Register of Deeds

I am writing to express my support for Maria Ziemba to become the next North Berkshire register of deeds.

Letter: Moran Top Choice For Register of Deeds Position

I am writing to express my full support for Deborah A. Moran and her candidacy for the position of register at the Northern Berkshire Registry of Deeds.

Letter: Support for Paul Caccaviello for District Attorney

I am a "law and order" person who believes in the rule of law and the safety of our community, but I know the district attorney's duties go beyond that. So, to help decide who the best candidate for DA is, I looked all the facts and ask that you do the same.

Letter: Question 1 Will Hurt Small Hospitals

This mandate would take autonomy away from me as a nurse. I need to be able to individualize care based on my own knowledge and comfort, not a rigid mandate.

Letter: Experience Matters in District Attorney

Career public servants put the community's well-being before their personal ambitions and spend their time protecting others; they become experts in their field, tireless in commitment and devoted for decades.

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