Letter: Mass MoCA Needs to Address Children's Art

It is believed that both parties will have to make mutual concessions and your leadership and support of such is crucial as a concerned citizen and Director of Mass MoCA.

Letter: Emergency?

I urge everyone reading this to contact your representatives and senators and demand that this person's threatened action be stopped.

Letter: Congressman Neal & Medicare for All

I encourage all like-minded constituents of Congressman Neal's to call him (202-225-5601) and tell him of your own support of Medicare for All.

Letter: FCC Rule Endangers Existence of PCTV

The FCC, with help from cable company lobbyists, has proposed new rules that threaten to put PCTV out of business and this could happen very soon.

Letter: Thanks Someone For Quitting Smoking This Thanksgiving

Tobacco is the number one cause of preventable death and disease in Massachusetts.

Letter: Moran Much More Experienced for Register of Deeds

Debbie works not only within the Registry, but on a statewide level as well, having the necessary connections to other offices from the Berkshires to Cape Cod and everywhere in between.

Letter: Harrington Right Person for DA

Andrea Harrington is the right person in the right place at the right time.

Letter: Caccaviello Offers Leadership, Continuity

Paul's leadership and his position are way too important to be castigated in the political arena.

Letter: Integrity Matters in District Attorney Race

A candidate must be held responsible for allowing and promoting information about his rival that is blatantly not true and hurtful.

Letter: Write-In Paul Caccaviello

Write-in Paul Caccaviello on Nov. 6. Choose an experienced prosecutor over a politician.

Letter: Choose Harrington Over Opponent's Spin

Paul is running a "write-in" campaign under the mostly false premise that "not everyone had the chance to vote in the primary."

Letter: Support Our Democratic Nominee Andrea Harrington

It is now crystal clear that Paul Caccaviello used the Democratic Party as a way to assure what he perceived as an easy path to get elected. Why should this be a surprise as he was never a Democrat and his positions throughout the campaign demonstrated that?

Letter: District Attorney Seat Belongs to the People

No one should have a monopoly on this office for years at a time. It is important for fair administration. This is why we have elections for certain positions. And the election process should not be controlled by money or power.

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