Letter: Vote - For Susan

The Nov. 6 statewide election is just around the corner, and VFS has set its sights on a 50 percent voter turnout. Thank you to all those wonderful folks who wore buttons and ribbons and displayed lawn signs; please be sure to pull them out again this fall.

Letter: Caccaviello Clear Choice for DA

My family and I were the victims of a housebreak, so I know who I would choose, who I will choose in the upcoming election. Paul Caccaviello, in my mind, is the only possible choice for district attorney.

Guest Column: Tobacco Industry Targeting Teens With Vaping

Why are so many youth vaping? E-cigarette liquids come in more than 8,000 different flavors from Swedish Fish, to s'mores, to bubblegum that are familiar and attractive to young people. And it's working.

Letter: Mike Goodwin for Williamstown Planning Board

To be effective, a planning board member must think creatively to solve problems. In addition, as a member of a committee, an effective individual must work cooperatively with others. Mike Goodwin is such a person.

Letter: Support Stephanie Boyd for Williamstown Planning Board

Ms. Boyd's skills and experience will translate well into service on the Planning Board, and we will all benefit from her participation there.

Letter: Boyd Will Bring Fresh Perspective to Planning Board

I am writing to endorse Stephanie Boyd for the Williamstown Planning Board.

Letter: Stephanie Boyd for Williamstown Planning Board

I write to urge fellow Williamstown residents to vote for Stephanie Boyd for the Planning Board on May 8.

Guest Column: Massachusetts Can Help End Campus Violence

One of the most important aspects of the bill is the outline of how proceedings shall be conducted when an incident of dating violence, domestic violence, sexual assault or stalking is reported. Both the reporting party and responding party are given equal rights, notices and opportunity for representation throughout the proceeding.

Letter: Bring Back the Mill Children

We have been told a number of times that meetings and decisions were to occur in the attempt to bring the historic paintings back to life.

Letter: North Adams Going to Pot

This writer is amazed that this legislation might pass and has, thus far, drawn little opposition. It is my belief that the sale of this drug is chiefly about money while disregarding the overall effects on the people who will use it for recreational purposes.

Letter: BMC: A North County Perspective

With all of the recent news on Berkshire Medical Center, the registered nurses' contract disputes and a looming second strike by the Massachusetts Nurses Association, we shouldn't be surprised that financial rating agencies have expressed concern for the future of our community hospital.

Guest Column: Quit Smoking to Celebrate American Heart Month

February is American Heart Month. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, smoking is a leading cause of heart disease.

Guest Column: Time to Enact Paid Family Leave

Over the next five months, the Legislature has the opportunity to pass these policies ourselves and avoid the need for an expensive ballot campaign. As co-chair of the House Progressive Caucus, my colleagues and I will be fighting for strong paid leave that covers all workers, and that doesn't hurt any single group or leave vulnerable families behind.

Letter: Still Awaiting Answers on Repainting of Pillars

The fact of the matter is that, this citizen and others, have not forgotten and want the issue to be resolved quickly with the ultimate goal of restoring the North Adams children's works.

Letter: Looking For Fairness & Equality in Youth Sports

The Berkshire Blaze had been in existence previously and was re-formed just this past year. The difficulty the team faced was finding a consistent place to practice. Not being part of Pittsfield girls softball meant that using the Doyle fields was challenging.

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