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Pittsfield Still Concerned About Police, Fire OT Budgets

The city will overspend on public safety overtime and snow and ice. The accounts have been on the watch list for Director of Finance Matthew Kerwood and by halfway through the year the budgets for police and fire overtime are just about spent and snow and ice removal is overspent. Kerwood says the city will have to transfer money from other budget lines to cover those deficits.

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Pittsfield Remains Concerned With Police, Fire Overtime Spending

Police and fire overtime continues to be a financial concern. The two accounts, as well as snow and ice, have been on the city's financial team's radar for a number of years as it seems that those accounts are routinely underfunded and officials have to find money to cover the deficits from other places. That hasn't changed this year as all three accounts are trending above budget.

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Pittsfield Finance Director: Grant Has Curbed Firefighter Overtime

The hiring of eight new firefighters through a safer grant is helping curb overtime. For years the overtime budgets for both the Police Department and the Fire Department have been underfunded, leaving a deficit that needs to be made up at the close of the fiscal year every year. This year, however, the city won a federal grant to bring on eight new firefighters and with that, overtime had dropped dramatically.

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