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Berkshires' First Recreational Marijuana Dispensary Opens to Long Lines

At 10 a.m. cheers roared in the parking lot of Theory Wellness as staff held a signed reading "recreational cannabis, now open." At that point, there were about 100 people standing in the blistering cold waiting to get through the doors. It's been more than two years since voters approved the legalization of recreational cannabis in Massachusetts and Theory became the Berkshires first dispensary to sell the products, leading the way for an industry that has been bursting through the doors thr

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Birdsong Gallery Shoots for 'Feel Good' Vibe in North Adams

They've poured their hopes into Birdsong Gallery on Eagle Street, a place they envision as a hub for artists, crafters, and musicians as well as another option for local shoppers.

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New North Adams Eatery Features Salad Bowls, Specialty Coffees

The restaurant, located in the former Brewhaha space on Marshall Street, opened for business last Friday. Right now, it's open from 11 to 4 seven days a week and offers n build-your-own salads, beverages and specialty coffees, including a nitro cold-brew, although Emery says it plans to expand in hours and offerings as it goes along.

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