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'Guardians' Sculptures Being Removed from Natural Bridge Park

This art installation, although originally intended for the Ashuwillticook Trail, was placed at the Natural Bridge State Park here in North Adams where it has remained for the past 15 years.

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State Launches Public Awareness Campaign to Teens on Healthy Interactions

Sometimes a teenager will take to social media to rank about another. It causes riffs between the two individuals. The original poster's friends ask what it was all about and they respond they were just venting. That's when the friends should step in and tell the poster to go talk to the individual about it. That is a better way to solve problems.

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Berkshire United Way Highlights Efforts To Help Area Teens

Those are some of the success stories the Berkshire United Way shared on Friday at Cranwell. The organization is perpetually fundraising to continue to support various programs. At the luncheon on Friday, it focused its work on positive youth development, one of three main focuses of the organization.

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