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To the Editor:

The national political picture in these challenging times are characterized by embattled partisans filled with vitriol and empty rhetoric losing their voices in the echo chamber of social media and 24-hour news cycles. It is in this climate that gives me pause to reflect on the notion that late speaker of the House, Massachusetts' own Tip O'Neil, stated: "all politics is local." I appreciate the fact that North Adams has a mayor who epitomizes civility, level-headedness, and competency.

Mayor Tom Bernard is a leader who demonstrates his competencies through hard work, intelligence, open-mindedness and commitment to guiding our city through this period of growth and investment.

Mayor Bernard has built a strong foundation during his first term in which to navigate the course that North Adams is taking toward a more inclusive and prosperous future.

Mayor Tom Bernard has utilized his problem-solving, organizational and leadership skills to address issues affecting the quality of life for all residents of our city. These issues include enhancing public safety operations through community-building initiatives, as well as improving the efficiency of the city's boards and commissions to meet the diverse needs of individuals, businesses and families in our city.

He has prioritized resources to invest in technology through enhancements to City Hall's phone and data systems as well as updating and increasing the traffic of the city's website.

The mayor has demonstrated the ability to embrace the opportunities being presented by significant investments in our city while honoring the history and the heritage of North Adams. It is this ability to balance initiative and vision with the perspective of the past that has made North Adams such an attractive opportunity for investment.

I can understand that the national political picture can contribute to a sense of apathy and possibly even cynicism. However, in this local election I encourage you to get your family, your friends and maybe even an "unlike-minded" political foe to get out and vote.

Mayor Tom Bernard has worked diligently these past two years and certainly has earned my vote on Tuesday, Nov. 5. I hope that he can count on your vote as well.

Mike Boland
North Adams, Mass.



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