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Sarah Cohen's space is located on Columbia Street. Her massage room tries to bring a bit of the calming outdoors.
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Cohen also offers more energy and spiritual services.
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Sarah Cohen LMT opened in January and currently offers appointments three days a week.

Sarah Cohen LMT Hopes to Bring Wellness to North County

By Jack GuerinoiBerkshires Staff
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Sarah Cohen says she hadn't thought about massage therapy as a career but her entrance into the profession was 'divinely timed.'
ADAMS, Mass. — Licensed massage Therapist Sarah Cohen hopes to bring North County residents along on her own spiritual journey.
"I think it's not only massage therapy; it never was only massage therapy," Cohen said. "It was that, with all of the other stuff I've been learning in between. The foundation that helped me start to grow."
Cohen opened at 122 Columbia St. in January. She said massage therapy was never really something she thought about and felt her turn toward a new career was somewhat random.
"I think I saw a billboard for massage therapy. I went to an interview, I talked with the school, and it really just worked out perfectly," she said. "It was never really something I was thinking about, but once I got into it, I thought how was I not thinking about this? It was very divinely timed."
Plus, her mom approved of her work.
"When I was younger my mom used to tell me I had magic hands when I gave her a neck or shoulder run," Cohen said. "I really did always take that with me, and as I started doing the physical work, it was just funny how I have like grown through it and learned about it with my hands."
Cohen's work goes beyond massage therapy, and she is open and comfortable talking with clients and helping them sort through life's complications.
"I have not just been working with massage therapy, but also the energetic world. And I have always been into psychology," she said. "I feel like people like come to me to talk, and so that's always been something that I've been very comfortable with."
Cohen also includes reiki and other forms of energy and spiritual work. 
"I have been building that and am still building and getting to know myself as a practitioner with massage, reiki, as well as psychic abilities and even a little bit of mediumship," she said. "I am growing, and I am learning. I am putting the time in because I love healing."
She said people are coming around to the energy and spiritual work, and she welcomes skeptics. She just hopes people cross her threshold with open minds.
"If you bring the energy work in it's like being open to like maybe dig a little deeper," she said. "You can find some more things that you're ready to release so that you can keep moving forward. Get rid of that stagnancy that we like all get caught up in."
She added that there is an impact, and her clients are more in touch with their own bodies and wellness.
"My clients are saying that they're finding more awareness with their body through my sessions," she said. "...They may be holding on to some things either physically, emotionally, mentally and we can get them out in all of these ways. Through energy work, through massage therapy, and tarot card readings."
Cohen hopes to one day be able to open her service full time and her dream is to one day become a larger wellness hub where practitioners can gather to serve North County.
"We don't have too many big spaces for wellness in North County, but we live in a beautiful area like this that attracts people," she said. "Our mountains, our woods. Nature has so much healing power."
Cohen holds sessions Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays by appointment. She can be reached on her website or Facebook Page.

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