Lenox Library to Host Canyon Ranch Medical Director

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LENOX, Mass. — The Lenox Library will host Canyon Ranch Medical Director Dr. Stephen Brewer on Wednesday, June 7, 2023, at 5:30 p.m. to discuss his new book, "The Canyon Ranch Guide to Weight Loss: The Scientifically Based Approach to Achieving and Maintaining Your Ideal Weight."
In his presentation, Dr. Brewer will talk about how there is no one-size-fits-all approach to weight management. Factors influencing weight are as diverse as they are personal. From medications and lifestyle to chronic conditions and gut health, Dr. Brewer is dedicated to equipping individuals with the facts they need to evaluate the real factors that impact weight at every stage of life. Learn how to dispel fact from fiction and understand the science behind weight loss using an integrative approach gleaned from Dr. Brewer's decades as a board-certified physician, including the pros and cons of the latest fads such as Keto, Intermittent Fasting, how medications impact weight gain, and more.
Q&A and booking signing will follow the presentation.
Dr. Brewer, has served as Medical Director of Canyon Ranch Tucson for nearly two decades. One of the most important philosophies he has adopted during this time is to practice moderation when it comes to wellness. 
"I've learned that I don't need to go to extreme measures to be healthy, both physically and emotionally," he shares. "I don't spend hours in the gym, and I don't have an overly restricted diet. My exercises and diet are healthy, but it doesn't get in the way of my busy life. It is simply a part of my day."
He specializes in family medicine, integrative medicine, preventive medicine, and men's health. Over the years, he has led numerous presentations on topics including brain health, integrative medicine, preventive medicine, men's health, medical weight loss, peak performance, and health in moderation.
Dr. Brewer is the author of The Canyon Ranch Guide to Weight Loss: A Scientifically Based Approach to Achieving and Maintaining Your Ideal Weight, The Canyon Ranch Guide to Men's Health: A Doctor's Prescription for Male Wellness, What Happened to Moderation?: A Common-Sense Approach to Improving Our Health, and Treating Common Illness in an Age of Extremes; he also co-authored The Everest Principle: How to Achieve the Summit of Your Life.
The presentation is free and open to the public and will take place at Lenox Library, 18 Main Street, Lenox. 

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Master Piano Technician to Speak at Ventfort Hall

LENOX, Mass. — Terry Flynn, Master Piano Technician, will speak at Ventfort Hall on Saturday, Oct. 7 at 3:30 pm at a Tea & Talk about the importance of the Steinway piano during the Gilded Age. 
Tea will be served after his presentation.
His talk will focus on the rising middle class and its embrace of music along with the salons of the rich. 
Steinway became synonymous with musical culture and social achievement. George and Sarah Morgan, original owners of Ventfort Hall in the Gilded Age, purchased a Steinway in 1895 for the mansion. This piano can now be seen at Ventfort, returned by the descendants of the Morgans in 2021.
Flynn is a master piano technician who has been a passionate music lover all his life. From an early age, with an innate appreciation for tone, words and melody, he began composing and performing music. He wrote songs and instrumentals for plays, short films and commercials. He inherited an instinct for craftsmanship from his father, an accomplished amateur classical violinist and professional engineer who taught his sons to work with a wide range of materials and tools.
He attended Western Connecticut State University (WCSU) where he graduated summa cum laude with a BA in Music and Liberal Arts. While in school, his love of music and pianos led him to begin work on tuning and restoring pianos. He had the good fortune to be tutored by his friend and neighbor, the late master piano technician, Frank Dillingham.
Flynn developed a thorough understanding of the mechanics of pianos and the techniques required to achieve superb results. He also acquired specialized tools and skills from his association with Frank's protégé, Kim Muller, who had extensive training at the Steinway factory and concert services in Hamburg and Berlin. Together they established a workshop in Connecticut to restore and sell Steinway grand pianos combining the best practices and materials of NY and German pianos.
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