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Cheryl Mirer Hired as New Downtown Pittsfield Inc. Executive Director

Cheryl Mirer remembers driving from Otis to the city to go on art walks, volunteer with Berkshire Creative, or sell crafts at the Handmade Holiday Festival. And those memories seemed to come back a lot in the last year or so, when she was searching for a way to get back here from Potsdam, N.Y. Mirer had moved there in 2013 and was working in the development office at Clarkson University while her husband managed a co-operative food market.

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Culture, Recreation Dominate Downtown Pittsfield's Annual Meeting

The Berkshires has a niche when it comes to scenic beauty and cultural institutions that other places can't replicate. The city's downtown is has placed those two aspects as cornerstones to economic development. At Downtown Pittsfield Inc.'s annual meeting Thursday morning, businesses who have helped expand in those areas were honored for their efforts.

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Downtown Pittsfield Gives Council Annual Report

Dropping the speed limit on North Street to 25 miles-per-hour may not seem like a big deal on its own. But, that is just one of many initiatives Downtown Pittsfield Inc. has taken on to improve the downtown. The speed reduction was approved by the City Council Tuesday night in an effort to improve vehicle and pedestrian safety. But Tuesday was also the same night Downtown Pittsfield Inc. provided an annual report, outlining its initiatives.

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