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MCLA Expands Pittsfield Presence With New Location

Michael Steben earned an associates degree from BCC and then built a career as an IT person. He worked his way up in the industry and he got offered a leadership position, heading the IT Department for the city of Pittsfield. It didn't take him long to realize that he needed to learn more beyond just technology.

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Teachers' Union Rallies Support for Increased State Education Funding

When the school gymnasium is full of excitement and noise for a rally, there are some children don't respond well. They put cover their heads and cry. But, they wouldn't if they had a paraprofessional with them. A couple of years ago the city of Pittsfield cut more than 30 paraprofessional positions from the school's budget and parent Starr Williams asks that people envision each one of those paraprofessionals as being one child covering their heads and crying.

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