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Pittsfield Schools Launching New African-American Studies Courses

Mabel Hamilton remembers when stories of the African American history wasn't just passed down from family to family, it was reinforced in schools. The city school system had offered African American studies classes, delving into the history and contributions of the black community as part of the American story. But a few decades ago, the school district cut the class and that history faded from the curriculum.

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E3 Academy Students Debut Book of North Adams Recollections

On Saturday, the alternative high school program put forth perhaps its most ambitious project: a series of interviews with residents collected into the book "The City Before You."

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Sister's Near-Tragic Tumble Sparks Memories for North Adams Woman

Her sister Judith Ann had tumbled into the 100-foot gorge at the Cascades. The difficulty of her rescue and her near-miraculous recovery filled a page in the former North Adams Transcript and showed up in papers that included The New York Times.

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