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Artist Eyes Clarksburg Mill Building for Work/Live Spaces

He floated the idea to the Planning Board on Wednesday to see if there would be any significant pushback from the town before venturing to purchase 161 River Road.

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Developer to Demolish Portion of Former Waverly Mill

The commission on Thursday heard from Emily Stockman, a wetlands scientist, representing developer Spinning Mill LLC that wants to knock down a structurally compromised portion of the historic mill.

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Yarn Company Latest Tenant Bringing Jobs to Norad Mill

Jay Ash, secretary of housing and economic development, visited a manufacturer making cords for heating train tracks, toured a coffee roasting facility, saw a demonstration of a high-tech training simulator for golfers, spoke with the owner of a photovoltaic company and popped his head into a small business that makes museum exhibition furniture. But he didn't have to travel around North County to see them. All these businesses and more are within a few feet or a floor away from each oth

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