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New Williams Inn Opens on Spring Street

The $32 million, 64-room hotel at the bottom of Spring and Latham streets replaces the 100-room original hotel at Field Park that closed on July 31. The older inn, purchased by Williams College in 2014, was considered outdated and energy inefficient for an institution that's committed itself to sustainabilility.

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Former Adrien's Diner Transformed Into New Vegan Restaurant

Shari Peltier's daughter is a vegetarian and it is difficult when they go out to eat in local establishments. "Whenever we would go out to dinner the only thing the kid could order was pasta. There was never any options for her," Peltier said.

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Common Folk Open Up Pop-Up Shop

Common Folk co-founder and creative director Jessica Sweeney said the artists' collective opened phase one of their new headquarters on Small Business Saturday but have so much more planned for the new space.

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