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North Adams Council Approves Stipends for Retirement Board

The councilors had at first been positive toward the idea but when they felt some of the questions as to how the stipends would affect the city budget weren't being fully answered, they balked and sent the matter to the Finance Committee, which met two weeks ago. The committee returned a recommendation on Tuesday night to approve it.

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North Adams Council OKs Armory Funds, Refers Board Stipend

The City Council on Tuesday approved funds to complete exterior work on the Armory with little discussion but sent the issue of a stipend for the Retirement Board to the Finance Committee after nearly a half-hour of debate.

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North Adams Council Asks Retirement Board to Poll Members on Stipend

City Councilor Marie T. Harpin raised the issue in a communique to the council on behalf of the board, which cannot vote to enact any benefits upon itself.

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