Letter: Blackmer Right Choice for 1st Berkshire

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To the Editor:

The 1st Berkshire district needs a strong advocate in Boston. This person needs to be willing to make the trips to the State House and still have the energy to visit each community that is represented. This person needs experience in state and local government and also needs to employ the tenacity to stand up and fight for our district.

It is tough to find all of these qualities in one person but Lisa Blackmer has all of them.

Lisa has proven her willingness to go to Boston for us, because she has done it for the last six years. I know she has the energy to be in every community because she tirelessly attends events and forums across the district.

I have had the pleasure of serving with Lisa on the North Adams City Council and I know how hard she works and the pride she takes in being a public servant. Lisa has earned respect here and in Boston because she is smart, dedicated, and honest. I have the utmost confidence that Lisa will work tirelessly for our district and ensure that every community is actively represented.

A vote for Lisa on Oct. 10 is a vote for our communities.

David Bond
North Adams, Mass.



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