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To the Editor:

Tom Bernard, the mayor of North Adams, shows up. Everywhere. And he would do more if only there were more hours in a day. In a recent Facebook post listing a dizzying number of activities which he led or joined in, Mayor Bernard wrote, "There are so many positive and exciting things happening in North Adams and throughout the Berkshires right now, and it's such a privilege to be part of them. Now if I could finally master the trick of being in three places at once."

With Tom Bernard, it's genuine. He deeply cares about all the people in North Adams — their well being, their quality of life, their opportunities. And he doesn't stop at the city's borders. He "gets it" that in Berkshire County, connections and mutual support create more opportunities for the people of North Adams, so you will see him attending events in the County seat of Pittsfield, too.

I live in Williamstown but work and attend civic events in North Adams. I've seen up close the significant difference that Tom Bernard has made in the city — and throughout North County.

Election Day, Tuesday, Nov. 5, is coming upon us quickly. Please take a moment to put the date in your calendar to vote. Every vote matters, even in a city in which campaigns are low key. Votes matter because opportunities matter, attention to righting past city wrongs matter, and moving the city forward in a way that lifts up every single resident matters.

Not only has Mayor Tom Bernard worked hard to earn your vote. There is a slate of candidates for City Council and School Committee who are counting on your vote. Please take the time this Nov. 5 to elect the people who will continue to work as a team with Mayor Bernard to build a better tomorrow for North Adams.

Arlene Kirsch
Williamstown, Mass.



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