Letter: Macksey Is the Best Candidate to Lead North Adams

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To the Editor:

The best choice to lead North Adams going forward!

I'm proud to state my public support for Jennifer Macksey, the one candidate for mayor in North Adams who is truly prepared to lead North Adams starting on Jan. 1 and going forward.

I've known Jen since we were both very much younger and working on Marshall Street in our respective family businesses. I have always admired Jen's ability to listen and talk to everyone she would encounter, as well as her ability to remain focused and calm in all situations. Jen has dedicated her life to being a positive advocate for her family and the people of North Adams. She has worked diligently through a variety of municipal and educational leadership experiences to prepare herself thoroughly for the one position that she has always had as a goal, mayor of North Adams.

Two and a half years ago, the North Berkshire School Union Joint Committee made the decision to hire Jen as the new business administrator for the small, rural districts managed by the superintendent's office. Jen took this opportunity on with a strong advocacy from day one to make positive changes that were certainly needed to improve the budgeting and financial management processes in these school districts.

Jen led school building improvement projects in several of the districts due to her strong municipal background, as well as implementing an improved budgeting process that incorporated much needed transparency and integrity to show the town leaders and residents the full cost of education in their communities. It must also be stated that during Jen's tenure in the NBSU, she has brought in an unprecedented amount of grant funding to benefit all NBSU districts to support upgrades in technology, education, and building safety, especially during the last school year when all four NBSU districts were safely open for in-person learning (while most schools were closed across the county and state).

The true standard of a good leader is to leave a job better than you found it through the positive improvements made during your time spent in the leadership position. Jennifer Macksey will be leaving the NBSU districts in much better condition than she found them almost three years ago, and I have no doubt whatsoever that she will do the same thing as the first female Mayor of North Adams. Please join me in voting for the best and most prepared leader to be our next mayor of North Adams, Jennifer Macksey!

John Franzoni
North Adams, Mass. 

John Franzoni is the superintendent of the Northern Berkshire School Union.


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