Pittsfield High School Class of 2023 Scholarships & Awards

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PITTSFIELD, Mass. — The following awards and scholarships were presented to the Pittsfield High School class of 2023. 
Aaron Timothy Coty Memorial Scholarship: Kellie Harrington
Adams Community Bank Scholarship: Huseyin Colak, Marlene LeBeau
Allendale Elementary PTO: Kiera Devine
American Legion Post 68 Academic: Tessie Tierney, Thomas Mullin
Angela Taylor Memorial Scholarship: Kiera Devine
Anne Wetzel Memorial Scholarship: Bryan McKinney
Berkshire County Arc Scholarship: Bethany Iffetayo, Randi Duquette; Carol Craighead Memorial Scholarship: Kiera Devine
Bianchi-Barbarotta Sportsman Scholarship: Jamie Duquette
Boomerang Project Link Crew Scholarship: Brian Annor-Baah
Buddy Pellerin/PHS Class of 1966 State Champion Baseball Scholarship: Walker Abdallah
Charles Henry Derby Scholarship: Lina Chen
Christopher Forte Memorial Scholarship: Emma Vittum
Civitan Club: Colin McKinney
CCUA-Credit Union College Scholarship Program: Kiera Devine
Daniel Pearl Memorial Scholarship: Geivens Dextra
DAR Good Citizen Program: Taibat Ahmed
Dave Zerbato Memorial Scholarship: Ty Roloson, Jack Wildgoose, William Kinne
David Landa Memorial: Riley Steinman
Donald Dwyer South Little League: William Kinne
Donald Gleason Memorial Scholarship: Keegan Crouse
Eastern Corp. FCU-Vertifi Berkshire County Chapter Sponsor: Jamie Duquette
Egremont Make a Friend Be a Friend: Colin McKinney, Charlotte Noyes, Walker Abdallah, Ty Roloson
Egremont PTO Scholarship: Allison Blau
Elks National Foundation Most Valuable Student, State Allocated Scholarship: Tyler Vosburgh
Francis J. Powers Memorial: Lily Smith
Francis J. Quirico Education Foundation: Keanu Arce-Jackson, Abigail Archey, Brian Annor-Baah, Brayden Bunnell, James Difilippo, Anna DiNicola, Bryan McKinney, Colin McKinney, Natalie Mendez, Kasey Miranda, Ty Roloson, Lennox Silvestro-Dias, Lily Smith, Tessie Tierney, Haven Timoney, Emma Vittum, Tyler Vosburgh
Gold Wings Foundation: Kiera Devine
Greylock Federal Credit Union: Community Enrichment Scholarship: Abigail Archey, Kiera Devine; Scholastic Achievement Scholarship: Cecelia Supranowicz
Harold & Myla Hennessey: Riley Steinman
Heisman HS Scholarship School Winner: Asa Chard, Jamie Duquette
International Association of Firefighters, Local 2647: Kiera Devine, Jamie Duquette, Bryan McKinney, Colin McKinney, Lily Smith, Justin Underdown, Jayshawn Warren
Irving I. Rubin, M.D., Memorial: Jamie Duquette
James Marlowe Memorial: Cameron Sime
James T. Powers Memorial: Aynur Ozdemir
Jane L. & Theodore S. Ciejka Memorial: Justin Underdown
Jewish War Veterans: Justin Underdown
John Curletti Memorial Scholarship: Ben Cornish
John J. Kowalczyk Memorial: Bryan McKinney
Joseph J. Pizzonia Jr. Memorial Scholarship: Asa Chard, Aynur Ozdemir
Joshua Morgan Stracener Athletic Scholarship: Alicia Houle
Judy M. DiCicco Memorial: Justin Underdown
Knights of Columbus 411, David Carmel Scholarship: Justin Underdown
Lawrence Laine Selkowitz Musical Scholarship: James Swanton
Liann Bordeau-Buck Memorial Scholarship: Jackie Roccabruna, Kiera Devine
Louise Morey Fraser Scholarship: Aidan Coco
Massachusetts Elks Association Scholarship: Taibat Ahmed
Massachusetts Secondary Student Achievement Award: Connor Lavinio
Massachusetts Superintendent's Academic Excellence: Jamie Duquette, Randi Duquette
McGinty Memorial Scholarship: Autumn Ochs, Abigail Taylor
McNeil Memorial Scholarship: Charlotte Noyes
Moody Burt Brown Family Scholarship: Connor Lavinio
National Ski Patrol Eastern Division, David J. Nelson Sr. Memorial Scholarship: Aidan Coco
PHS Class of 1965, F. Baxter Lane Memorial: Graham Auxier, Paige Williams
PHS Class of 1990: Riley Steinman, Autumn Ochs, Haven Timoney
PHS Class of 1991: David Moon Memorial: Haven Timoney; Karen Rench Memorial: Bethany Iffetayo
PHS Class of 1998, David Lombard Award: Abigail Taylor
PHS Class of 1996: Lennox Silvestro-Dias
PHS Class of 2000: Randi Duquette
PHS Class of 2011: Anna DiNicola
PHS Class of 2016: Kiera Devine, Jack Wildgoose, Allison Blau, Ava Brazeau
PHS Student Council: Katerina Livermore, Brian Annor-Baah, Asa Chard, Riley Steinman, Lennox Silvestro-Dias, Aynur Ozdemir
Pittsfield Co-op Bank Conrad R. Bernier Memorial: Jamie Duquette, Randi Duquette, Jackie Roccabruna
Pittsfield Educational Administration Association: Jayshawn Warren, Juliana Johansen
Pittsfield Little League: Walker Abdallah
Pittsfield/Adams Lodge of Elks 272: Abigail Archey, Tyler Vosburgh
Principal’s Leadership Award: Kiera Devine
Randy Sacco Memorial: Tyler Vosburgh
Robert E. Powers Memorial: Lina Chen
Robert J. & Louise F. Cella Family Scholarship: Alicia Houle
Rotary: Jamie Duquette, Randi Duquette
Ruperto Family Memorial: Lyndsay Vosburgh, Allison Schnopp, Aidan Coco, Ty Roloson, Sheila Alexander
Ruperto Immigrant Family Scholarship: Alma Maison, Brian Annor-Baah
Skylar R. Cantarella Memorial Scholarship: David Castegnaro
Spirit of the Dome Scholarship, in memory of Janet Rajotte: Randi Duquette, Jamie Duquette, Lily Smith
Tee Off for Youth Sports Classic-Baseball: Ty Roloson
Thomas M. Rindfuss Memorial: Justin Underdown, Anna DiNicola
UNICO Awards
Louis M. Shogry Jr. Memorial: Justin Underdown
Hon. Rudolph Sacco: Jamie Duquette, Randi Duquette
Gloria Powers Scholarship: Juliana Johansen
Baseball Hall of Fame Scholarship: Walker Abdallah
Francis Sanginetti Scholarship: Jackie Roccabruna
Richard Rilla Scholarship: Ty Roloson
Edward DiAngelo Scholarship: Lennox Silvestro-Dias
United Educators of Pittsfield Scholarship: Jackie Roccabruna, Lennox Silvestro-Dias, Lily Smith
VFW Voice of Democracy, School Winner: Taibat Ahmed
Washington Scholarship: Tyler Vosburgh
William Herbits: Bethany Iffetayo
Williams Elementary PTO: Kellie Harrington
Outstanding Academic Recognition: Cameron Sime (Art), Kellie Harrington (Band), Collin Merwin (Business), Walker Abdallah (Computers), Sidni Anderson (CVTE), Tessa Hanson (Drama), Marlene LeBeau (English, Edward J. McKenna Award), Asa Chard (Math), Eladio Mendoza (Multilingual), Geivens Dextra (Orchestra), William Kinne (Physical Education), Abigail Archey (Psychology), Kiera Devine (Science, John Leahy Memorial Award), James Swanton (Social Studies), Taina Figueroa (Chorus), Lily Smith (World Language)
Seal of Biliteracy: Katerina Livermore (Spanish, with distinction), Kasey Miranda (Spanish, with distinction), Angel Sandoval (Spanish, with distinction), Manuel Lewis (Spanish), Gabriela Loaiza Chavarro (Spanish), Paola Rosito (Spanish), James Swanton (Spanish), Maria Villanueva Portillo (Spanish)

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Pittsfield Draws Ballot Positions for November Election

By Brittany PolitoiBerkshires Staff

Candidates for at-large seats put the names in the tumbler. 

PITTSFIELD, Mass. — With the general election just over a month away, ballot positions were drawn for the mayoral, School Committee, and multiple City Council races.

City Clerk Michele Benjamin congratulated all candidates for their nominations and placement on the ballot.

Peter Marchetti attended the drawing and pulled second position, placing John Krol in the first position on the ballot for mayor. 

Councilors-at-large candidates Kathleen Amuso, Craig Benoit, Daniel Miraglia, Alisa Costa and a representative of Lucas Marion drew their own names. Incumbent Peter White is in the first position followed by Benoit, Amuso, Miraglia, Costa, incumbent Earl Persip III and Marion.

The four candidates with the top votes will be selected as councilors at large on Nov. 7.

School Committee candidate William Garrity attended and drew second position behind Dominick Sacco in the first. Incumbent Daniel Elias is in the third position followed by incumbent Sara Hathaway, incumbent William Cameron, and Diana Belair.

The committee has six seats.

Wards 1, 4 and 5 — held by incumbents Kenneth Warren, James Bryan Conant and Patrick Kavey, respectively — are not being contested.

A representative of Ward 2 candidate Brittany Bandani drew first position, placing Alex Blumin in the second position.

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