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Cariddi Urges Caution on School Regionalization
By: Cariddi Campaign On: 03:39PM / Wednesday July 21, 2010

NORTH ADAMS, Mass. — First Berkshire District candidate Gail Cariddi is advocating a go-slow approach to state plans to consolidate small public school districts. The Patrick administration and some in the Legislature are pushing for rural school systems to merge as a way to become more cost-efficient.

"I think we need to be very careful that we don't sacrifice local control and small-town identity for savings which may or may not be there down the road," Cariddi said. Cariddi, who serves as the North Adams City Council's liaison to the School Committee, noted that promises by the state to fully reimburse regional school districts for their transportation costs have never been fully funded even in good economic times.

"There is a pervasive mindset of 'metro-think' among state bureaucrats in Boston who always seem to think that bigger is better," Cariddi said. "The recent experience in the Mohawk Trail Regional District is that voters did not want expansion to include elementary students from Rowe and Hawlemont."

Cariddi, who has pledged to join the Legislature's Regional School Caucus if elected, said there are other ways to cut costs before embarking on a new wave of regionalization. "Many schools are lowering their fixed costs for energy by converting their heating systems over from oil and gas to biomass and some are using wind energy to generate electricity. These initiatives help create clean energy jobs while also shrinking a school's carbon footprint."

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Teachers' Assocation Backs Mark
By: Mark Campaign On: 03:27PM / Wednesday July 21, 2010

DALTON, Mass. — Paul Mark, Democratic candidate for state representative in the Second Berkshire district, has received the endorsement of the Massachusetts Teachers Association.

The MTA represents more than 100,000 educators, administrators and education support professionals in public education. Their members work in the field from pre-kindergarten through graduate schools.

"Paul Mark will be an energetic and enthusiastic supporter of students and public education in the Legislature," said MTA President Paul Toner. "As a graduate of our public schools and UMass, he knows the value of a great education. He has seen firsthand how investing in students pays big dividends when they enter the work force, and he understands the impact that our schools and colleges have on our economy and our state’s chances for success in the future."

"The decisions to be made next year regarding the budget and education priorities are going to be very tough," said Mark upon receiving the MTA endorsement. "I'm proud that Mass teachers are confident in my ability to take on such serious responsibilities in the State House."

The endorsement follows two other July endorsements for Mark: Service Employees International Union 509 and the Berkshire Central Labor Council, a coalition of Berkshire County unions with 45 representatives from more than 25 trade groups.

Mark previously received endorsements from 20 other diverse unions including nurses, police officers, ambulance workers, truck drivers, and a variety of building trades. He also got a boost from MassAlliance, a coalition of progressive groups that includes the state chapters of Sierra Club, Young Democrats, and the Massachusetts Gay & Lesbian Political Caucus, among others.

A full list of Mark's endorsements is at

Mark earned several college degrees, including a doctorate and a law degree, while working full time for the phone company. He commuted from the Berkshires to the University of Massachsuetts at Amherst and to Northeastern and Suffolk universities. He is running for the seat being vacated by current Rep. Denis E. Guyer, D-Dalton.

The Second Berkshire district includes part of Pittsfield and 21 towns in Berkshire, Franklin and Hampshire counties.

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Bosley Expands on Regional Lockup Concept
By: Bosley Campaign On: 07:16PM / Tuesday July 20, 2010

NORTH ADAMS, Mass. — Daniel E. Bosley, candidate for Berkshire County sheriff, further expanded on plans for a regional lockup facility and criticized his opponent for his stance opposing this.

"A regional lockup facility would save money for our cities and towns in these tough fiscal times, would give the Berkshire County House of Corrections an additional revenue source and would put more police officers on the street rather than spending time guarding prisoners," Bosley said. "My opponent's opposition to this idea shows that he doesn't understand how this system or budgets work."

Bosley said that at the present time, any police force in the county has to watch over people who have been arrested.

"That means that we are taking police off the streets to watch prisoners in towns all over the county. I would rather keep these officers on the streets by bringing all prisoners to one facility and having people with an expertise in this area watching them." 

The current state representative pointed to Hampshire County, which has a regional facility. "The Hampshire County jail charges a per-capita fee of less than a dollar a year to cities and towns and a charge to the state for state police prisoners for this service. For that minimal fee, the sheriff transports prisoners to the regional lockup, and the towns don't need to watch, feed, provide medical care for prisoners, nor keep police off the streets. A regional facility is a good deal for both the jail and cities and towns.

"This is the kind of innovative thinking we need to make sure we have the resources to do the job and to ensure that our cities and towns are safe. This is part of my plan as to how we can do this. Given our budget situation in Massachusetts, we need to be thoughtful and innovative. We need to offer up a vision of how we will perform as Sheriff and not just offer vague platitudes about collaboration."

Bosley went on to say that if the state built a facility for the sheriff's office, it could be used to make positive changes to the present facility.

"We could use the opportunity to move the woodworking shop from an area where it is virtually unusable to make it more productive and conducive to training inmates in skills that will help them find jobs and stay out of jail in the future. That makes us all safer. We could also install an area in anticipation of video arraignments. This is an idea that I have pushed in my campaign. It is an idea that works in other states. The court budget is in a desperate situation. The courts are laying off employees and closing courts, even here in Berkshire County. Now is the time to advance this idea to save money for both the courts and the jail. I will be ready day one with ideas that will take advantage of these opportunities."

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Tom Bowler for Sheriff Night at Wahconah Park
By: Bowler Campaign On: 07:01PM / Tuesday July 20, 2010

PITTSFIELD, Mass. — Candidate for sheriff Thomas N. Bowler will throw out the first pitch of the game between the Pittsfield Colonials and Quebec at Wahconah Park on Tuesday, July 27, to kick off a night out for campaign volunteers, supporters and anyone who loves the game of baseball.

General admission tickets will be reduced to $4, and box seats to $7 for the evening. This is not a fundraiser for the campaign. According to Bowler, the night out at Wahconah Park is an opportunity for everyone in the area to bring family and friends to the renovated Wahconah Park to enjoy professional baseball. The game begins at 7 p.m.

Bowler is the former captain of the varsity baseball team at Taconic High School. He also played varsity baseball at American International College in Springfield for four years, where he also served as team captain. As an adult, he has helped coach his children's teams.

"As a campaign, we decided we needed a night off and there's nothing better on a summer evening in the Berkshires than baseball," Bowler said. "I'm hoping that all of our volunteers and supporters and everyone who hasn't yet had a chance to see the Pittsfield Colonials play will join us at the park."

Tickets are available at Bowler's Pittsfield campaign office on Park Square and his North Adams campaign office on Eagle Street. Tickets for the reduced prices can also be obtained at the Pittsfield Colonial's office at 2 South St. and at the gate on July 27.

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State Police Association Backs Bosley
By: By Tammy Daniels On: 08:13PM / Thursday July 15, 2010

State Police Association of Massachusetts representatives came to Pittsfield to endorse Daniel E. Bosley, center, for Berkshire County sheriff. With him are SPAM Treasurer Dana Pullman, left, President Rick Brown, Vice President Tim Babbin and Jeff Gordon, representative for Western Massachusetts.

PITTSFIELD, Mass. — Flanked by state troopers, sheriff candidate Daniel E. Bosley stood outside the Berkshire Juvenile Resource Center on Thursday afternoon to announce that he'd received the endorsement of the State Police Association of Massachusetts.

"I sent very few letters out looking for endorsements but one of the ones that I did send out was to the state police association," said Bosley, who added his experiences with the state police goes back 23 years when he was serving on a criminal justice training council for the Legislature. "We've had a good working relationship."

SPAM, as it's known, represents nearly 2,000 troopers and sergeants across the state; the Commissioned Officers Association of Massachusetts represents those the rank of lieutenant and above. The association's 15-member Executive Committee voted on the endorsement several weeks ago but the announcement was delayed in part by accidents that caused the tragic death of one trooper and injuries to two others in less than two weeks.

"We've supported Dan in this race because he's a huge supporter of the state police association," said SPAM President Rick Brown, noting the state representive's strong advocacy in keeping the Westfield barracks open and for making the state police the primary law-enforcement agency for gaming, should it be approved. "Whenever we've asked Dan to step forward for us, he's always been there."

Though standing outside a center operated by the sheriff's department, the North Adams Democrat was technically in enemy territory. Signs for Tom Bowler, a 20-year Pittsfield Police detective and native son, dotted the neighborhood.

This is Bosley's first endorsement from any group. Bowler's wrapped up local endorsements from the district attorney, corrections officers and police officers locals, and the Berkshire County Police Chiefs Association, all of whom he's worked with at one time other, as well as the local representing court officers and the Central Berkshire Labor Council.

Their different backings from law-enforcement agencies not only reflects their long careers but their deep philosophical difference on the role of the sheriff: lawman or warden.

Brown made it clear SPAM believes the job is that of an administrator.

"The sheriff's departments are experienced in taking care of care, custody and control, and transportation," he said. "Our job out on the road is law enforcement; their job is to take care of people inside the facility and maybe have a chance to rehab these people and maybe we won't have to encounter them when they get out of jail.

"Every candidate we've supported in these races believes this."

Bosley has touted his experience in the Legislature, from drafting bills to leading committees, as providing him with an understanding of corrections, education and rehabilitation as well as a continuing relationship with Beacon Hill leaders that will open doors.

"Our job is a public safety job, not a law enforcement job," said Bosley. "We need to work together and that's why I proposed the regional lockup ... we need to work together faciliate the law enforcement part of this as well as the rehabilitation and public safety portion."

Brown said the association does not seek out candidates to support but will consider those who request endorsements. Bowler did not approach the organization for an endorsement, he said. Normally, the group also doesn't endorse candidates in primaries, but with both Bowler and Bosely running as Democrats, the primary will determine the winner.

"He's not going to be carrying a weapon, he's not going to be going out there doing law enforcement, he's going to be administering, bringing funds in and making sure the inmates that are behind the bars in that jail stay within the facility," said Brown. "If anybody can get the resources to make that happen, Dan bosley can because of the relationships he has on Beacon Hill."

Original press release received July 14, 2010.

NORTH ADAMS, Mass. — Sheriff candidate Daniel E. Bosley has been endorsed by the State Police Association of Massachusetts. Representatives of SPAM will appear with Bosley to announce the endorsement at a press event Thursday, July 15, at 3 p.m. outside the sheriff's Juvenile Resource Center, 264 Second St., in Pittsfield.
"Representative Bosley understands the value of a strong working relationship between the sheriff's office and the state police in the effort to better protect residents of Western Massachusetts," SPAM Secretary Ed Hunter said of the Executive Board's vote to back the state representative.
"During the past few months of his campaign, Representative Bosley has stressed the importance he places on taking care of business within the jail – focusing on care, custody, and control – while working with the state police outside of the jail. He has articulated a clear strategy for sharing information with the state police, preparing for the re-entry of state prisoners, and partnering on common goals such as the creation of a regional lockup.
"Based on his past record of support for SPAM, his assertion of these goals, and his stated commitment to the State Police and Public Safety, the Executive Board believes the residents of Berkshire County will be best served by his election."
Bosley, of North Adams, is seeking the Democratic nomination for the post of sheriff in order to continue his service to the people of Berkshire County. Bosley has represented the First Berkshire District since 1987. As sheriff, he said he will draw on his experience in public finance, public administration and public safety to ensure the Berkshire County sheriff's office, the jail and House of Correction, and the programs run by the sheriff's office receive fair funding from the state. Additionally, he said he would bring an innovative approach that will allow him to improve systems and programs, making Berkshire County a safer place to live while conserving taxpayer dollars.

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