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Letter: Pittsfield's Pickleball Service a Fault

The fact that the city of Pittsfield is prepared to disburse $350,000 in support of a project for just 151 citizens seems irresponsible enough. That there is no plan for maintenance when park maintenance in our city is already an issue shows a lack of planning and foresight.

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'After': Of Good Girls and Bad Boys

You know the stereotype. He is the ubiquitously tattooed bad boy on the outside, yet capable of quoting from "Wuthering Heights" or "The Great Gatsby." But perhaps so could Hannibal Lecter.

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Letter: DA's Decision on Prevention Programs Hurts Children & Families

Sadly, District Attorney Harrington has made the recent decision to eliminate this important educational and prevention programming and we as a community should be asking why.

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'Us': It Takes Two to Terrorize

Granted, the "scare me, scare me" crowd may be disappointed by the dearth of old-fashioned, unremitting shocks to body and soul. But if one gives serious thought to this feature-length affirmation of cartoon pundit Walt Kelly's theorem that we have met the enemy and he is "Us," it's probably the scariest prospect of all.

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In Pursuit of Beetle Happiness: Part 3

But many beetles degrading and destroying our forestlands summon us to rally in support of effective means to control destructive species that can decimate large stands of our very important trees. Many beetle species and their larvae are equipped with stout jaws or mandibles that are adept at chewing and shredding wood.

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Letter: Downed Poles and Electrical Outage

We would like to thank the gentleman from National Grid who arrived shortly after downed poles and wires interrupted our electrical service for seven hours after the terrible wind storm Monday.

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Letter: Quit Smoking for Heart Health

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, smoking is a leading cause of heart disease and heart disease is a major cause of death among African Americans.

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In Pursuit of Beetle Happiness: Part 2

The most obvious beetle in the milkweed patch is the rosy red milkweed beetle (Tetraopes tetraophthalumus), surprisingly hard to find in any beetle/insect book. Go Google. Occupying a restricted niche, it is found almost exclusively foraging on milkweed leaves and blossoms.

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'The No-Collusion Oscar Picks 2019'

The phone rang, as it usually does whenever I'm sitting in the third-floor witch's hat of my haunted Victorian home in some gothic-like, small New England town with a dark past, anguishing over my Oscar picks. The voice at the other end sounded like Alec Baldwin at first.

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In Pursuit of Beetle Happiness: Part 1

In pursuit of beetle happiness, I can cast a note of optimism about the many beetles at large in museums and private collections, that may bring us a profound joy, allowing our sense of inquiry to thrive like a child set loose in New York's American Museum of Natural History.

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Letter: TEDx Talks on Community Exclude Community

One percenterism at it's finest!

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'Serenity': It's all Just a Big

Once upon a time, a screenwriter penning a fantasy that painted him into a corner could flee the strictures of his premise and weave a magical ending by suddenly having his protagonist awake from a dream, i.e., "The Wizard of Oz" (1939). Now, as employed in "Serenity," the Brave New Cyber World has created a newfangled escape clause for fiction writers needing to explain away flights of fancy for which there is no logical explanation, at least not in our old, plain, three-dimensional world.

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Letter: Mass MoCA Needs to Address Children's Art

It is believed that both parties will have to make mutual concessions and your leadership and support of such is crucial as a concerned citizen and Director of Mass MoCA.

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Letter: Emergency?

I urge everyone reading this to contact your representatives and senators and demand that this person's threatened action be stopped.

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Letter: Congressman Neal & Medicare for All

I encourage all like-minded constituents of Congressman Neal's to call him (202-225-5601) and tell him of your own support of Medicare for All.

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Letter: FCC Rule Endangers Existence of PCTV

The FCC, with help from cable company lobbyists, has proposed new rules that threaten to put PCTV out of business and this could happen very soon.

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Good Science at Work Inside Butterfly Magical Wings

The cocoon was spun higher than a man's reach, so I could not tell if it was really alive or empty. Just the find reassured me that Cecropia may be alive and well in this Berkshire wilderness.

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Letter: Thanks Someone For Quitting Smoking This Thanksgiving

Tobacco is the number one cause of preventable death and disease in Massachusetts.

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'Bohemian Rhapsody': Fate, Free-Will and Rock 'n' Roll

All this self-indulgent perspective noted, I thank director Bryan Singer for jogging these memories into high-relief via his superb biographical film, "Bohemian Rhapsody," which astutely and soulfully details the birth of the group Queen and the star trajectory of its lead singer, Freddie Mercury.

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Guest Column: We Are Too Great to Hate

There is no room on our campus for any kind of hateful rhetoric or action. As always, messages of hate and vitriolic actions against marginalized groups are not tolerated at MCLA. Our community is "Too Great to Hate."

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Letter: Moran Much More Experienced for Register of Deeds

Debbie works not only within the Registry, but on a statewide level as well, having the necessary connections to other offices from the Berkshires to Cape Cod and everywhere in between.

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