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Goals Set To Make Berkshires 100 Percent Renewable Energy

The technology is available. It is just a matter of the right policies and right actions to make it happen. That is what a cvoalition of environmentalist believes when it comes the state becoming 100 percent powered by renewable energy. On Monday, local leaders and organizations joined for a summit to dive into the issues.

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Local Environmentalists Oppose Policies Supporting Natural Gas

Dicken Crane has a large solar array on his Holiday Brook Farm. He has a forest management program to harvest timber to burn in wood furnaces. He doesn't need more natural gas. Crane is one of some 500 businesses which have signed onto a petition against Gov. Charlie Baker's push for more natural gas.

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New Report Highlights Pittsfield Renewable Energy Push, Urges More To Follow Lead

A new report being released in two weeks will highlight the city's efforts toward energy efficiency and renewable energy projects. The Environment Massachusetts Research and Policy Center will release the report in two weeks which aims to urged municipalities to boost their efforts in moving toward more renewable energies and urging the state to pass aggressive energy policies to move the entire state to 100 percent renewable.

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