Election 2015: Rudd Leaves Ideas for Mayoral Candidates

Even with this loss, I hope residents/voters will keep my proposals in mind.

Election 2015: Rudd Calls for New Vision, New Leadership

I'm running for mayor because I saw no one else stepping forward with innovative and long overdue measures.

Bullett Running for 3rd Term on North Adams Council

I look forward to another two years to work for you toward a better North Adams.

Letter: Community Must Support Anti-Violence Efforts

We as a society need to support these children at a young age starting with education in the schools.

Letter: Vote No on Override

The major standout in the Cheshire budget deficit problem is the ACRSD school budget.

Letter: A Future Worth Investing In

A significant piece of our city's rebirth is the Taconic School Project.

Letter: Increasing the Minimum Age to Purchase Tobacco

According to the report, if the minimum legal age was raised to 21 now, by the time today's teenagers are adults, we would see a 12 percent decrease in smoking rates.

Guest Column: Mount Greylock Budget Cuts Would Be Catastrophic

To provide a snapshot of what Mount Greylock would look like at diminishing levels of revenue, further reductions were proposed in phases.

Letter: Williamstown Must Remain Walkable

Build the hotel at the top of Spring Street, keep the town walkable, and go back to the drawing board on how to attract business.

Letter: North Berkshire Deserves Full-Service Hospital

The approximate 37,000 residents of Northern Berkshire County neighborhoods need that same commitment from Berkshire Health Systems.

Letters: Insurance Bargaining Group Not a Public Body

The PEC bargains as a group with the appropriate public authority to provide health insurance benefits for current and retired municipal workers.

Guest Column: Looking Forward in 2015

For me, I will take inventory of the past year. I'll make a New Year's resolution to do better or be wiser in the future.

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