Guest Column: Mount Greylock Budget Cuts Would Be Catastrophic

To provide a snapshot of what Mount Greylock would look like at diminishing levels of revenue, further reductions were proposed in phases.

Letter: Williamstown Must Remain Walkable

Build the hotel at the top of Spring Street, keep the town walkable, and go back to the drawing board on how to attract business.

Letter: North Berkshire Deserves Full-Service Hospital

The approximate 37,000 residents of Northern Berkshire County neighborhoods need that same commitment from Berkshire Health Systems.

Letters: Insurance Bargaining Group Not a Public Body

The PEC bargains as a group with the appropriate public authority to provide health insurance benefits for current and retired municipal workers.

Guest Column: Looking Forward in 2015

For me, I will take inventory of the past year. I'll make a New Year's resolution to do better or be wiser in the future.

Letters: Thank You to Supporters of UNO Center

This has been a dream of mine for many years, and thank God it will soon be a reality.

Letter: Torture Antiquated and Useless

Torture belongs to the Middle Ages and the history books. Not the 21st century.

Letters: North Adams Thanks Tree Lighting Contributors

It brings out a sense of community during the holiday season which is comforting and joyous.

Letter: Berkshire Scenic Railway Exhibit Worth Saving

Berkshires schoolchildren deserve such a resource that otherwise seems headed for the recycle bin.

Letters: Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

My family and close friend have been with me from the beginning.

Letter: Thank You for Work on Local Health Care System

I'm impressed by the dedication and focus of all those who are working to adapt our local health care system to the new realities.

Letters: Glad to Be Alive

It was a miracle the day of my accident that a doctor and several nurses happened to be at the scene.

The Saga of Hadley Overpass: North Adams

Seems like in hindsight, it would have been more expedient to have constructed a completely new structure.

Letter: New Paths to Youth Nicotine Addiction

Many people think the tobacco problem is solved. It's not.

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