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Margot Falkner, 88

MARGOT FALKNER - 1935-2024

And my soul spread
Her wings out side
Flew across the silent land,
though flying home.

Josef von Eichendorff, Translation by R. Stokes

Life is a lot like jazz…it’s best when you improvise. George Gershwin

After a fulfilled and successful life, Margot Falkner, 88, of Stamford, Vermont, passed away peacefully, at home with her partner of more than 50 years, Barbara, by her side on Sunday, June 30, 2024.

Margots life motto was EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE. THERE IS NO PROBLEM THAT CANNOT BE SOLVED. She had an extraordinary spirit, and a caring, kind soul. She was a positive force of energy – extremely generous with her time and everything she had. She especially enjoyed working with young people and teaching them all kinds of skills.

When Margot would meet a young person for the first time she would typically ask: So, what is it that you want to do with your life? She liked getting to the bottom of things right away, no time wasted. Young kids would be trusted with feeding the zoo, painting walls, and fixing things in the house – as a hammer or some sort of tool would always be on hand. Spending time with Margot was like entering a wonderland where kids would be taken seriously, everything was possible, hands and pants would get dirty to get the job done – and to feel good about yourself, learning about all the things you can achieve.

Because CAN-DO was what Margot believed in and that is how she led her whole life.

Margot grew up in Hamburg, Germany as the eldest daughter in a loving, tight-knit family in a highly educated, sheltered house, together with her beloved sister, Lotti, and beloved brother, Gunter. The three siblings throughout their lives and despite the distance remained very close. Toward the end of her fulfilled life Margot talked to Lotti every day.

She attended a renowned textile school in Nagold, Germany, and pursued a career in textiles. Margot landed at John F. Kennedy Airport on April 1, 1962. Initially, she worked as a clerk at a fabric store for a meager salary. But Margot had found the city and the land of her dreams: It was the era of the jazz clubs, people talked all night, drank, talked some more, were happily and unhappily in love, and enjoyed life to the fullest. Margot had planned to stay in Manhattan for two years to gain work experience in the Garment Center. Before she knew it four years had passed. Then the opportunity of a dream job brought her back to Germany. "I felt like a chicken which had its wings clipped," Margot once said. So, she packed her bags again and moved back to New York for good. She was the first German entrepreneur to succeed in New York's traditionally Jewish fabric export business. After her boss suddenly died Margot was able to purchase the company Fabricana and continued to export high-fashion fabrics primarily to her old home country Germany.

When Margot met Barbara in New York in 1969 the biggest adventure of her life began: The two spent 54 incredible years together, filled with love and laughter. They supported each other with their thriving careers. They hosted legendary parties. The homes they created on Riverside Drive, in Bridgehampton and Vermont were always filled with friends. When they purchased their property in the Hamptons and drove with their Fiat convertible and their dogs from Manhattan to their country house, the area was still rural. Margot enjoyed her evening walks at the bay with the dogs, and the piano player at Bobby Vans. In 2001, Margot and Barbara left the busy Hamptons behind. With their beloved animals, the M&B and Zoo, they moved to Stamford, Vermont, where they had acquired a beautiful property and built a house in 1980, surrounded by lots of land. Margot loved music, especially jazz, and enjoyed playing the piano and tambourine. Even more so, she loved discussing life and politics, after a great meal, sitting at the fireplace.

Being a doer – building, fixing, inventing things, driving her tractor, plowing snow, stacking hay, feeding animals, spending time with the zoo and her dogs – was Margots joy. So when her serious illness forced her to sit still in the last years it was quite a challenge. But having Barbara at her side, she always pointed out – good days or bad days – how incredibly lucky in life she felt. With Barbaras strenuous support, Margot made one last trip to her old home in Germany in April 2023 to visit her family and to spend wonderful days at the Baltic Sea with Lotti and their old friend Dieter.

Margot is survived by her partner, Barbara Goldstein, her sister Lotti Gramatzski, her sister-in-law Heidi Falkner, her niece Uta (Wolfgang Weichert), niece Kirstin Falkner, nephew Steven Falkner, her 2 beloved dogs Chip and MacGregor and the 8 remaining zoo”animals. She was predeceased by her brother Gunter Falkner.

A special thank you to Dr. Richard Wiseman for his guidance, caring and kindness during these difficult times. A special thank you to MaryLou McKay and Diane Finney-loving companions/caretakers. A special thank you to Darcey Brown who kept Margot moving till the very end. And a most sincere thank you to the entire Bayada Hospice Team, especially Maria, Julie, Linda and Pastor John who accompanied Margot on her final journey.

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We were very sorry to hear of Margot's passing. She was a wonderful person, full of energy and ready to tackle any task at hand. We enjoyed working with her and Barbara on their many projects. Our thoughts and prayers are with Margot's family during this difficult time.
from: Brad and Valerie Schueckleron: 07-11-2024

Barbara & Family,

It saddens us to hear about Margot's passing. She was a great person who had a wonderful soul. She will be sadly missed. Many prayers to you and the family.
Darren, Sharry & Jaimie
Darren D. Sharp, Inc.
from: Darren D Sharp, Inc.on: 07-11-2024

Barbara, it saddens me to hear of Margo’s passing. She was always a delight to speak with. I hope your memories will sustain you during this time.
from: Dawn Luskin Carrieron: 07-10-2024

I did not know Ms. Falkner but what a beautifully written remembrance of someone who had a life so well lived. I imagine I would've thoroughly enjoyed getting to know her. May she rest in peace.
from: Mary Gon: 07-10-2024

What a wonderful tribute and a life so well lived. I am so sorry for your loss.
from: PJFon: 07-10-2024

Barbara my heart is broken that was a beautiful tribute I didn't know if I should take the the job but I'm glad I did are Long talks I do every one could be like her with are differences I know she loved me and I have grown as a person because of her
from: Diane Finneyon: 07-09-2024