Lenox Boys, Girls Top Mount Greylock

By Stephen DravisiBerkshires.com Sports
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LENOX, Mass. -- Lenox sophomore Grace Elliott did not get the individual result she was hoping in Wednesday’s cross country race.
But things could not have worked out better on the scoreboard.
Elliott was outkicked by Mount Greylock’s Katherine Swann for first place, but the Millionaires rallied to take a 27-28 win over the rival Mounties.
“It is nice,” Elliott said. “Between cross country last year and cross country skiing, we’ve been right on their tails for the last year. We’re ready to come and get ‘em.
“It’s going to be a close season, for sure. We both have a lot of talent and a lot of returning runners, too.”
The Mounties’ Swann finished in 20 minutes, 17.37 seconds, 1.4 seconds ahead of Elliott (20:18.77).
The day’s closest finish tipped the scale in the team race as Lenox eighth-grader Alice Culver outleaned Mount Greylock eighth-grader Erin Keating to take eighth place overall in 21:28.20 seconds -- four one-hundredths ahead of Keating.
Things were not nearly so close on the boys side, where Lenox’s boys topped the Mounties by nine points in their dual meet behind a 1-2 finish from juniors Colin Young (17:40.84) and Ted Yee (17:41.04).
The Millionaire tandem finished 13 seconds ahead of third-place Peter LaRochelle of Monument Mountain, who helped the Spartans pick up dual meet wins against Pittsfield and Wahconah.
Mount Greylock, led by eighth-grader Ollie Swabey (17:59.62) in fifth place, came home 1-1 on the day -- losing to Lenox and beating Wahconah.
Monument Mountain placed three runners in the top 10 of a competitive boys field as LaRochelle was joined by Keegan Leach and Diego Salinetti.
The Pittsfield boys’ top finisher was Emanual Brown (18:23.02) in eighth place. Hayden Kendell (18:26.47) finished ninth for Wahconah.
Four different girls teams left Lenox with a dual meet win on Wednesday.
Pittsfield placed three runners in the top seven en route to a win over Monument Mountain. Kellie Harrington led the way with a third-place finish and a time of 20:35.61.
Wahconah’s girls topped Monument Mountain as Haley Crosier finished fourth in 20:36.10.
The Spartans were led by Eliza Philip, who placed 28th in 24:04.82.
Squeezed in between Elliott and Culver for Lenox was Ava Bachman, who placed fifth. Audrey Touloukian (12th) and Ellen Huth (14th) rounded out the scoring for the Millionaires.
Mount Greylock’s Keating was followed across the line by teammates Lily McDermott (11th), Sophia Mele (13th) and Miriam Bakija (16th).
Swann said the Mounties knew coming in that they were going to have a battle on their hands against Lenox.
“Grace [Elliott] was definitely on my mind today because since [Mount Greylock’s Jacqueline Wells] was not here today, we wanted to try and stay in front of her,” Swann said. “So when she started to pick up the pace, I tried to stay strong with her and hold my place with her.
“We were definitely thinking about staying in front of the maroon jerseys, but they did so awesome. Grace [Elliott] really pushed me, and so did Haley [Crosier] and Kellie [Harrington], which was really awesome that we worked together.”
Complete individual results available here.
Girls Team Scores
Lenox 27, Mount Greylock 28
Pittsfield 15, Monument Mountain 46
Wahconah 23, Monument Mountain 32
Mount Greylock 19, Wahconah 42
Boys Team Scores
Lenox 23, Mount Greylock 32
Monument Mountain 19, Pittsfield 38
Monument Mountain 17, Wahconah 46
Mount Greylock 19, Wahconah 44
Girls Top 20
Katherine Swann, MG, 20:17.37; 2. Grace Elliott, Len, 20:18.77; 3. Kellie Harrington, PHS, 20:35.61; 4. Haley Crosier, Wah, 20:36.10; 5. Ava Bachman, Len, 20:51.42; 6. Cami Diehl, PHS, 21:22.86; 7. Megan Francoeur, PHS, 21:23.01; 8. Alice Culver, Len, 21:28.20; 9. Erin Keating, MG, 21:28.24; 10. Grace Malone, MG, 21:46.35; 11. Lily McDermott, Len, 21:52.82; 12. Audrey Touloukian, Len, 22:01.30; 13. Sophia Mele, MG, 22:18.97; 14. Ellen Huth, Len, 22:19.92; 15. Olivia Gamberoni, Wah, 22:27.71; 16. Miriam Bakija, MG, 22:38.28; 17. Abby Kittler, PHS, 22:45.37; 18. Emelyn Theriault, PHS, 22:51.61; 19. Juliann Lawson, MG, 23:10.94; 20. Sydney Ferris, PHS, 23:24.69.
Boys Top 20
Colin Young, Len, 17:40.84; 2. Ted Yee, Len, 17:41.04; 3. Peter Larochelle, MM, 17:54.37; 4. Keegan Leach, MM, 17:54.88; 5. Ollie Swabey, MG, 17:59.62; 6. Diego Salinetti, MM, 18:10.72; 7. Max Adam, Len, 18:17.26; 8. Emanual Brown, PHS, 18:23.02; 9. Hayden Kendell, Wah, 18:26.47; 10. Parker Winters, MG, 18:57.85; 11. Dennis Love, Len, 19:06.03; 12. Caleb Pollard, MM, 19:16.74; 13. Tony Hunt, PHS, 19:22.86; 14. Charlie McWeeny, MG, 19:25.92; 15. Brandon Fahlenkamp, MG, 19:26.40; 16. Jude Bakija, MG, 19:29.04; 17. David Babineau, PHS, 19:29.69; 18. John Broderick, 19:33.85; 19. Harry Touloukian, Len, 19:35.27; 20. Maxime Leger, Len, 19:39.29.
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