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Lanesborough Selectmen in Talks to Buy New Gravel Bed

The town is considering buying a new gravel bed on Ore Bed Road. Town officials have been in talks with Dennis Condron about purchasing a piece of property across from the town's landfill. Selectman Henry "Hank" Sayers said the property has about 50,000 yards of gravel in the lot while the town's current landfill is nearly empty.

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Lanesborough Selectmen Weigh Dog Park Location

Town officials are now considering where to create a dog park. The Selectmen had opted to ban dogs from all town parks last year after the Highway Department's worker's union filed a complaint about dog waste. That had followed a push to re-open the parks for dogs with signs and waste bags being made available.

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Clarksburg Board Trying to Settle Private Road Issue

The half-dozen households along Gravel Bank Road say they don't have the wherewithal to make the repairs demanded by the town last month before it will plow.

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