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My Core Floor Wins Lever Health Tech Challenge

There is a waiting list to see Brittney Cappiello but not many women want to talk about why. She specializes in pelvic issues, treating women suffering from pain or even peeing their pants on a treadmill or a trampoline. "Even in this rural area, I currently have a three month waiting list of people coming to see me," she said.

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Berkshire Medical Center Shows Off New Technology

Berkshire Medical Center is hoping to get people back to their everyday lives quicker with the help of new technology. The hospital recent upgraded its daVinci Robot to lessen the invasiveness of surgery and purchased a new EksoGT robotic exoskeleton to help patients who had strokes or spinal cord injuries learn to walk again. On Wednesday the hospital showed off the new equipment in its lobby, displaying all of the cool features the equipment has to offer

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